Trung Nguyen

How Do You Know When To Trust Someone?

Making yourself vulnerable in its simplest terms means you are susceptible to physical or emotional harm.

So why? Why would you decide to trust anyone? The answer is simple: because we are human.

If we, as humans, are meant to walk this earth alone and hold all of our secrets and emotions inside until we burst, we would go insane. We would lose our sanity because there would be no one there to pull us up when we fall. So, we are not alone. We have other humans to form relationships with that require vulnerability, trust, and love to build a solid foundation.

But how do you know which people are actually yours? When I say yours, I mean, which people are the ones you are meant to walk through life with? The answer is simple: You don’t. You do not know if a person you have decided to trust will be a permanent or temporary person. There are people who I used to go to the end of the earth with that turned away one day and walked in a different direction. Now there is one more person walking around with my secrets. It is terribly difficult when someone you have shared so much with is no longer in your life, but it happens.

Each time it happens it is harder to let someone back in. Letting people break down walls with you can feel almost impossible. Because when you let someone in, you cannot turn them around once they have seen you.

So what do you do? How do you determine when to be vulnerable? How do you figure out if you can trust another human being? What you have to do is just trust them. You have to give the trust and then withdraw it if they do not act accordingly.

Humans were meant to be there for each other. You will never experience great love if you do not take great chances.