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How Each Zodiac Can Use January’s Venus In Pisces For Growth And Self Love

Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces, which means that we could all experience more of the positive qualities of the benefic. Venus teaches us about who we are as well as how we view ourselves. Beginning on January 26th, 2023 until February 7th, 2023, if you have lacked the energy for self-love, this Venus transit might be the medicine you need to learn to love yourself.


Understanding your emotions could prove to be a way to find the healing you desire. Instead of avoiding them during this time, truly feel and experience them. Reflection can help you achieve some calm. There is power in having emotional intelligence and it could bring you a lot of self-love and care.


Instead of focusing on material wealth, redirect your attention to the love and support you receive from others. Do not attach your worth to how much you have; instead, look into your successes and appreciate the people that love and value you. The love surrounding you has value.


Venus in Pisces is all about bringing that healing energy and calm. Instead of going at 100 miles per hour, slow down. To help you handle the intensity of Mars in your sign, try journaling during this Venus transit to get clarity and to understand your thought process more. 


As a water sign, this Venus transit can help you change your outlook from the rough Saturn transit. Do not be afraid to dream big and do not settle for less. It is a time to shoot for the stars and discover your powerful abilities.


Self-discovery will be essential during this Venus in Pisces transit. Saturn might have made your relationships feel shaky, but now you can see how to repair and rebuild. Connect with the powerful person you are to see how you can strengthen those foundations with those you love.


Lessons learned from the past will allow you not to repeat the same mistakes. This Venus in Pisces season, learn to create a good relationship with you. Don’t give your inner critic too much power; instead, focus on giving yourself words of affirmation.


Meditation and deep analysis are essential tools for you during this time. Venus can help you get in touch with being more organized and bringing a practice that will allow you to build discipline. Learning to take breaks and use a planner for work or school can be a game changer.


Forgiving and letting go can also be a sign of strength during this Venus transit. You will realize that you are not defined by previous relationships during this month-long transit. Healing from the wounds of the past and moving forward will help you be more open to new and more enjoyable connections with new friends or romantic partners.


Spending time with loved ones during this Venus in Pisces transit can help you feel much happier. It is a great time to let those around you know that you love them. Doing the things that bring you happiness at home, like a self-care day or reading a nice book could boost your motivation.


Tapping into your creative energy could be a source of empowerment. During this Venus in Pisces transit, make sure to take a chance on what you can do, especially if you are creative. You could surprise yourself with the work you produce during this time, so don’t be afraid to share with friends and family.


Sometimes we need to take time to focus on ourselves and not everyone else. For this month-long transit, you will be able to enjoy this energy since it will not have the hints of the Saturnian transit. You are ready to go with the flow and you should enjoy yourself and do what you love during your birthday season.


Put yourself first during this time by giving yourself praise and only demanding respect from others. You know all about bringing healing and calm to your world. Venus boosts your confidence as well as your creative and artistic abilities. Learn to admire and show yourself a lot of love during this time.