Mikhail Nilov

How Each Zodiac Will Manifest Powerful Breakthroughs in Love and Career in September

Each sign has a powerful manifestation method that never fails to give them the life and the love of their dreams. Here’s yours.


Harness the power of fire. Light candles and meditate on what you want. Burn incense and cleanse your space. Burn old photographs or write down what no longer serves you and put this list aflame. Clear out the old energy of past relationships. Make room for the new energy you want to create and the relationship or career of your dreams. Use rituals and prayers to accelerate your manifestations.


Two words: sex magic. Use your pleasure and the “grand finale” to visualize what you really want and bring it into reality, solo or partnered. This will allow you to manifest without resistance. Use affirmations throughout the day to strengthen your manifestation abilities and use scripting to reinforce how you want your future to look by writing down a descriptive narrative about your dream reality. How would a day spent in that reality look like?


Have a manifestation buddy to co-create and visualize with you, acting like you are already in the reality where you have everything you want. “Recruit” co-conspirators who believe in the grand future you’re envisioning. Having others manifest for you is ideal for an Aquarius with innovative ideas they want to bring to life.


Use the elements of mother nature to fuel you and nourish your body. Moon water is one powerful source. Soak your water under the full moon overnight and drink it while thinking of what you want to manifest, harnessing its celestial power to bring forth your dreams. Take mindful walks in the forest to replenish yourself or use yoga and breathwork to regain mastery over your physical body.


Shadow work. Scorpio, you’re the master of duality, rebirth, and transformation. Go deep within to do the inner work needed to purge traumas and connect to the darkness – you will then have access to the light.


Mirror work. Compliment yourself in the mirror and gaze into your eyes as you remind yourself you are worthy of your dreams. Use subliminals if needed to deeply instill empowering benefits into your subconscious. Self-love will unlock your greatest potential.


Change your self-concept. Stop criticizing yourself and others for a bit. Take a break from your perfectionistic standards and think about the person who you’d like to become. Then, embody your dream self. How would they behave and act? How would you feel? Step into the identity that already has the life of your dreams.


Change your internal state. Work through the emotions you’ve been avoiding, even if they’re “taboo.” Anger can be a powerful catalyst for change. Honoring and processing your difficult emotions will give you a breakthrough in whatever you’re trying to manifest.


Use the “telephone” method with a friend. Talk to them as if your goal has already been achieved and you’re super excited that it happened. Being delulu is the solulu that will get your manifestation-ulu. Or so the manifestation TikTok girlies like to say.


Use crystals like amethyst to calm your nerves and regain emotional balance as you visualize or use guided meditation to connect to your true self and your soulmate. Staying aligned with your higher self helps manifests your dreams.  


Ground yourself in nature and connect deeply to your five senses. Plant your feet into the earth and let yourself be nurtured. Bask in the sunlight and feel the waves of the ocean. Listen to the chirping of the birds or manifestation music. The feeling of being taken care of will remind you of how supported you are by the universe.


Start a gratitude journal to keep yourself focused on what’s going right. Every day, take inventory of every positive moment as well as any benefits of anything that was “not so” positive. This is how you turn adversity into gold. Miracles will naturally be drawn to you.

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