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How Each Birth Month Defines Consistency (In One Sentence)


Consistency means feeling stable in the relationship and trusting that your partner is going to be there throughout everything.


Consistency means treating each other with the same amount of love every single day, not waiting until holidays or birthdays to show you care.


Consistency means remaining respectful in every situation, no matter what emotion or thought is running through your mind.


Consistency means treating each other sweetly every single day, not only when you want something in return.


Consistency means predictability and knowing what your partner is thinking and feeling at all times because they are completely honest with you.


Consistency means feeling safe in the relationship because there’s no chance your partner could disappear or dump you without warning.


Consistency means dependability, and knowing that your partner is always going to do their fair share in the relationship.


Consistency means treating each other right every single day, not only when trying to make up after a fight or when trying to get your way.


Consistency means you can rely on your partner to be there because they will always show up when you need them the most.


Consistency means knowing what to expect from your person because they are never hot-and-cold with you. 


Consistency means knowing each other’s schedules, habits, and rituals that they need to follow in order to feel comfortable in the relationship.


Consistency means honesty and open communication instead of guessing what the other person is thinking or what they want at any given time.