How To Manifest Abundance Into Your Life, Based On Your Zodiac + Tarot


Your Card: King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles represents abundance itself, so if you really want it, it can be yours—in finance, in your career, in love, in your personal life. You’ve just got to be willing to do what it takes to get it. Embody his energy. Remain grounded. Be laser-focused when it comes to your goals and your long-term financial plan. Invest in yourself, Aries. Be mindful of where you place your time and energy. Take action with self-assured confidence and be decisive. Take risks when you have to. 


Your Card: Temperance

You’re going to have to avoid extremes and practice moderation when it comes to achieving your personal, professional, and financial goals. Be patient, Taurus. Great things are never rushed. They’re built slowly, you just have to put the work in every day. As for your financial life, be thoughtful when it comes to making those decisions. Aim for long-term stability, instead of focusing on short-term gains. This doesn’t mean you have to resort to extreme frugality, you have to keep your vision for the future in sight. 


Your Card: Ten of Cups, reversed

First, you’re going to have to reassess your priorities. Are you satisfied with your finances? Your personal life? Your professional life? Is the path you’re currently on when that’s bringing you happiness and fulfillment? What stream of income would feel meaningful in your life? Exactly what things are lacking when it comes to your professional and financial pursuits? Remember that long-term goals require long-lasting commitment and dedication. Acknowledge any issues preventing you from moving forward in a satisfactory manner and then fix them. 


Your Card: Five of Swords

You’re going to have to learn how to grow thicker skin when it comes to facing challenges. You can’t let yourself be defeated by obstacles or setbacks. You shouldn’t fall into the temptation of defining yourself by your failures, either. It’s self-sabotaging behavior. Set your emotions aside, focus on your long-term vision, and let difficulties be fuel for your motivation. The Five of Swords is also, in some instances, an indication to cut back on extravagant expenses, so keep that in mind, as well. 


Your Card: Eight of Wands, reversed

Lately, you might have been feeling frustrated at the speed with which things are moving. Perhaps you’ve been experiencing slow progress, delays, or challenges. The reversal of the Eight of Wands advises patience and flexibility. It also indicates that you need to stop and reassess your plan. There’s something that quite isn’t right in your plan that you need to identify so that you can readjust. Have you even got a clear vision? You can’t keep moving with no direction in sight. 


Your Card: Two of Cups

The Two of Cups is a nudge to strengthen your professional relationships or that which you have with your business partner. It also indicates that collaborations or partnerships may help a great deal when it comes to your financial and professional goals. Simply put, you need to be open to working with others. Think of the mutually beneficial outcomes and advantages that could come. Think about people or entities who align with your own goals, vision, and values. 


Your Card: Nine of Swords, reversed

In order to attract more abundance into your life, you’re going to have to adopt a more positive mindset, Libra. Let go of worst-case scenarios, of the negativity. Release your fears and anxieties, or your perception will undoubtedly become your reality. Find ways to manage stress and release tension—hobbies, working out, socializing, whatever you have to do. Learn to not define yourself by your challenges, and instead manage them constructively. 


Your Card: Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands indicates that you’ve been overworking yourself and that there’s significant stress you’re carrying around. If you want to succeed in bringing more abundance into your life, then you’re going to have to learn how to give yourself a break. You can’t pour out from an empty cup. Rest is productive too, Scorpio. Practice carving out time for rest, recharging, rejuvenation, and to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. This card is also a warning to not bite off more than you can chew. Cut back where you need to. Delegate what you can. Prioritize the goals that matter most to you. 


Your Card: Seven of Wands, reversed

You’ve been struggling when it comes to maintaining your personal goals, your professional pursuits, or your financial position. Instead of letting it overwhelm you, let it serve as an opportunity to reassess your approach. Is there anything you could be doing differently? Could you be adopting a different perspective? Do you need to be open to new things? Have you been reluctant when it comes to taking risks? Try to be more flexible, Sag. 


Your Card: The Hermit

The Hermit urges you to take a step back and practice some deep introspection when it comes to your journey. Spend some much needed time thinking about your career, your desires, your dreams, what motivates you, what you find meaningful, what you want out of love. In order to manifest abundance into your life, you’re going to have to intimately and precisely come to know what it is that you want. You also need a clear vision of the future you’re after. 


Your Card: Judgment

This card serves as a wake-up call. It’s time for you to judge yourself more critically and take an honest look at the path that you’re on now. You need to practice a good dose of self-evaluation. What habits do you need to break when it comes to your finances, and which do you need to be implementing? What toxic behaviors keep you from enjoying a healthy, happy personal life? What relationships are draining you emotionally and mentally? What do you truly want and need out of a romantic partner? 


Your Card: Four of Pentacles, reversed

The reversal of the Four of Pentacles, among many other things, signifies reckless spending—be careful when it comes to that and cut it out. It can also signal that you’re feeling a lack of control in your own life. Before tackling anything else, you need to regain that sense of agency you’ve lost. Why do you feel like it’s missing? What could you do to get it back? It might mean finally letting go of the past or quitting self-sabotaging behaviors that have been present in your life for too long.