Sanja Marušić

How To Manifest Your Desires By Choosing The Right Clothing Colors

It’s no secret! Colors elicit moods and instinctual responses in people. Many companies base their logos, ads, and branding around color theories. They hope to attract more trust, sales, and loyal customers within these subtle details. Color psychology backs this knowledge through intensive studies. Of course, spiritual practitioners utilize color to manifest desires and attract intentions toward them. 

A simple way to magnetize your wishes is to align your daily appearance choices with an appropriate corresponding color. The hue you paint your nails, the shade of your shirt, the tone of your accessories, and so forth can bring success. Intentionally aligning with colors means honing in on the vibrations and magic of each to further your aims.

Read below and save this article for future reference to help you make your daily color manifestation choices.


Red represents ambition, swiftness, passion, determination, liveliness, and strength. Red is there when stepping into the spotlight or authority roles. If you need inspiration and action, look no further. 

This tone will help you attract quick results, so wear it when looking for speedy results in manifestations. You cannot look away from red. Red makes you take hold of the driver’s wheel. Red attracts exciting memories, sexy moments, and confidence.


Orange is confidence, creativity, happiness, pleasure, friendliness, playfulness, and optimism. Therefore, this is a great color to wear when you want to have a good day. This tone will help you appear personable, warm, and interested. 

It makes for lighthearted social gatherings. It commands attention while remaining approachable. Orange attracts creative inspiration, artistic expression, muse, and fun. 


Yellow is sunny, highlighting, positive, and energetic. Wear this color when you have a busy day or a long to-do list, as it keeps you running. When looking to be seen as carefree, youthful, and easy to chat with, look no further. 

Yellow brings out a humorous, silly side of yourself and in interactions with others. Networking or making social connections comes naturally in this vibration. Yellow attracts energized moments, goofy memories, and whimsical vibes. 


Green gives off a natural, holistic, grounded, and abundant energy. It is ideal when you need extra luck in materialistic or monetary means, such as at a new job interview or seeking a raise. 

Do you want to strike an impression of capability, reasonability, and trustworthiness? Wear green. Green attracts money, abundance, and overall good luck. 


Blue brings calmness, relaxation, balance, moderation, loyalty, and a subtle yet memorable energy. When you need a calm day, wear this hue. Spa days, self-care moments, and tranquil events can appreciate a cool blue shirt. 

When you want to come across as passive, chilled, and comfortingly familiar, look no further. Blue attracts peaceful interactions, conflict resolution, and harmony. 


Since ancient times, purple has been associated with wealth, success, spirituality, and luxury. Therefore, its presence is strong in our collective consciousness. Wearing purple welcomes others to see you as noble, sophisticated, talented, and worthy of leadership. 

If you need etheric connection and evolution, incorporate this color. Purple attracts expansion and abundance on both a material and spiritual level. 


Pink is associated with compassion, sensitivity, sweetness, warmth, and appreciation. Therefore, wear this hue to dive into romance, trust, and lovey-dovey energy. Dates, relationship milestones, and vulnerable moments all call for this shade. 

When looking to attract the pureness in the world, wear pink. Pink attracts softness, ease, flow, attraction, intimacy, and sweet heartedness.   


Brown represents groundedness, efficiency, practicality, and reliability. This color reminds people of the outdoors, unconsciously bringing a comforting vibe. When you want to appear put together, educated, or experienced, brown is your color. 

Incorporate this hue into your day when you want to remain grounded, especially if you’ve been unsteady. Brown attracts professional growth and consistency. 


Grey represents detachment, solidness, and intelligence. Grey stands for formality, to give a sturdy impression when you want to come off practically. If you feel like you want to wear a cloak of invisibility, this color helps you spiritually conserve your energy and blend in. 

If you wish to remain emotionally withdrawn from exhausting situations, this color can help. It keeps one healthily disengaged. Grey attracts intellectual breakthroughs and rational solutions.


Black showcases power, elegance, formality, and mystery. Wearing black represents the ability to conquer negative situations and bring them into your control. Want to showcase strong willpower and tactful classiness? 

This color is your timeless, classic solution. While many can see black as dreary, the opposite can be true when done right. Black attracts status. 


White represents purity, cleanliness, and freshness. To project a calm, easygoing aura, wear this color. Wear white when you want a fresh start, a blank slate, or to hit the refresh button on life. This hue is known to alleviate stress. 

It allows you to see things from a higher perspective. White attracts new beginnings, clean energy, good results, and healing. 


Gold, especially in jewelry, is associated with wisdom, traditions, and knowledge. When you wish to come across as valuable, memorable, and experienced, accessorize with gold. This hue sparks spiritual shifts from a lack of thinking to an abundance orientation. 

When you need to fake it til you make it, gold can help you come across as assured and capable. Gold attracts expansion, wealth, upgrades, and nobility.


Silver, also especially in jewelry, represents grace and sleekness. It gives a modern look, bestowing innate knowledge of essential current events and trends influencing your environment. Silver is a spiritual element. Therefore, it is very conducive to strengthening your intuition. 

Wear this accessory when you want to tap into your inner resources. Silver attracts evolution, breakthroughs, and valuable introspective realizations.