Mikhail Nilov

How To Nurture And Heal Your Soul

“The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.” — Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Most people are committed to improving their body, yet few are dedicated to nurturing the health of their soul. What about you? Have you given attention to your soul? You might say: “I don’t know because I can’t see my soul.” And you would be right in thinking this way. Over the coming paragraphs, I’ll offer you clues on how to focus on your soul health and nurture a deeper connection.

The health of our soul is equally important to the health of our body. This is why we focus on what we can see and touch. Since we cannot see or touch our soul, we believe it doesn’t need our attention. Our soul is the unobserved aspect of our physical being; it is our core nature as spiritual beings. It is believed our soul is an aspect of divinity, like a drop of water comprises the entire ocean. If you remove some water from the ocean, it is still water, even while separated from the ocean. In physics, this is defined as a hologram, where every piece of the hologram contains the entire image.

It is important we understand what our soul is so we can cultivate its presence in our life. This is not a religious conversation, because you needn’t follow religion to believe we have souls. The important point here is that we are connected to our soul and our life on earth is expressed through our soul nature. Therefore, our soul can be considered the blueprint upon which we navigate our life’s journey, while our body is the vehicle used to experience it. While a little more complicated than that, we can use this metaphor to focus on the health of our soul.

Are you comfortable with this idea so far? You may have questions about these ideas, and therefore I invite you to work through them in your journal. To become better acquainted with our soul health, we must look to our past to see what we’ve created. For example, what has been the theme of your life? What challenges have repeatedly shown up in your life? How have you faced those challenges? What have you learned from them? For example, the theme of my life can be summarized in four key areas: patience, trust, self-love, and forgiveness. Through these four virtues, I have faced many obstacles and challenges and learned valuable soul lessons. You could say these have been my earthly lessons and what my soul intended for me to learn in this lifetime.

Soul Lessons

“You know you have mastered a soul lesson when the circumstance has not changed, but the way you respond has. This is true energy of self-mastery.” — Vibrational Medicine

To be clear, we have no physical evidence our soul exists other than what is written in ancient texts and passed down over thousands of centuries. However, I can confirm from experience that these four lessons have repeatedly shown up in my life and pushed me to evolve. Yours might be different and unique to you, and I would encourage you to find out what they are. If you’re unsure, ask a loved one, a family member, or someone who knows you well. It will go a long way to help you understand your life so you don’t repeat the same lessons in the future.

You see, knowing your past allows you to follow the guidance of your soul. After all, what is the point of making the same mistakes and not learning the lessons? I see this often when coaching clients who stumble across the same soul lessons without learning key lessons. If we want to learn and grow from our experiences, we must gain the wisdom from our soul lessons. I’ve had the privilege of coaching hundreds of clients over the years and seen firsthand how people handle their soul lessons. It has been touching and inspiring to help them transform their experiences, so they see them from a higher perspective. If we see our earthly problems from a limited perspective, we will focus on our difficulties without seeing what is taking place behind the scenes.

Therefore, to attend to our soul health, we must pay attention to our emotions but not be dictated by them. Our emotions show us what we are creating in our life because they are our guidance system. Not everything will go our way and it will force us into situations which are unfair and unjustified. But if we focus on the injustice without considering the primary lessons, we miss out on transforming our pain. Are you content with this understanding? I want you to know, your soul health is important and we ought to cultivate it in our life.

How To Nurture Your Soul

“Follow your soul. It knows the way.” — Anonymous

Similarly, we must get in touch with our true nature; the ground of being for love, kindness, and compassion. Love is the highest order in the universe. It is a healing agent and can transform pain and mend broken relationships. Love is the structural framework of the universe. Therefore, by connecting with our true nature, we see our earthly challenges from a higher perspective. This doesn’t mean we won’t experience challenges or hardships but view them as guiding and expanding our soul’s evolution. This is the message espoused by spiritual author Matt Kahn who writes in The Universe Always Has a Plan: “How many times have you asked yourself, ‘Why am I attracting this?’ You’re attracting this because the soul’s evolution is about building unconditionally loving relationships with all parts of yourself represented as each emotion.” Therefore, by developing an expanded awareness of our problems, our challenges are seen from the perspective of our Higher Self.

As a result, we can nurture our soul health by living our Truth. Your Truth will differ from others and it is important you discover your own journey. Our Truth is the language of the soul and signifies the breadth and depth of our life’s experiences. For example, there’s a biblical phrase which reads “The truth will set you free,” demonstrating how abiding by our Truth can liberate us from the chains of our earthly existence. Our Truth is our unconditional authority to live according to our highest agency. Thereby, living from a heart-based awareness (soul), will lead to our greatest salvation and freedom. 

With this in mind, I invite you to journal your answers to the questions I asked you throughout the article. I encourage you to spend a few days working through your soul lessons via journaling. Take the time to find out what your soul experiences have called you to learn about yourself. We may not always learn the lessons in this lifetime because of the challenges we face, but we can continue to show up to our life, even when our experiences push us to our limits. Although we cannot physically see our soul, we can see the ripples it leaves when we neglect it, such as pain, difficulties, and repeated challenges. Nurturing our soul is important to our life as tending to our physical body. One is the map of our life’s journey, while the other is the vehicle upon which we experience the journey. After all, to improve our life, we must learn key lessons our soul intends for us, otherwise we resign ourselves to calling it fate.