How To Tell If They’re Flirting Or Act Like That With Everyone
Анна Хазова

How To Tell If They’re Flirting Or Act Like That With Everyone

“Verbal flirting could just be their sense of humor or a way to keep conversations interesting. If they are truly flirting they will use physical contact also. A hand on your arm… a touch on the shoulder… good signals they are actually into you.” — BreeCC

“Observe their behavior with other people, take note of the attractiveness of any potential mates. If the subject tends to be more flirtatious only around you, they are probably flirting with you whether it is intentional or not.” — sometimes_Lies_alot

“I would ask them. If you keep ‘flirting’ for way too long, you might develop strong feelings, only to be denied or be seen like just a friend if they didn’t have that intention. Being upfront (and getting rejected) prevents getting your feelings hurt and makes moving on easier.” — m4m4juju95

“You can tell right when you meet them by the ‘outer layer’ of their personality. By outer layer, I mean the sociable part of them that they show to everyone. Flirtatious people will flirt with you right when you meet them, or early on. That’s the outer layer of their personality: the sociable side they show everyone. People who only flirt with you won’t be like that. They start off non-flirty. Then, as the relationship progresses, they become more and more flirty with you as they feel more and more comfortable. The real gauge on how well your relationship is developing is not how flirty they are. The real gauge is how much of their personal life they share with you: secrets, genuine feelings, stories, etc. This is the best way to check how comfortable people are with you.” — [deleted]

“Do they work in a customer service job, and are they at that job at the time of speaking to you? They’re not flirting, they’re being friendly because their employer requires it. Leave that poor barista alone.” — Ed98208

“Just ask them out. If they say yes then they like you. You don’t have to figure out if they want to marry you before asking them out. Just see what happens.” — YourMomSaidHi

“Flirt back and don’t be so fucking upset when they’re not into you. Flirting isn’t a contract, it’s fun. If you’re having fun and they go snuggle their boyfriend just say awww, you’re so cute together and move on.” — Big_Brudder

“One thing that worked for me when I was still dating is that I had a group of friends that supported my search. They were great fun to hang out with and they were also perfect for advice. Make more friends in general if you’re a shy person, having a bigger network of friends increases your odds of finding a new partner.” — [deleted]

“It doesn’t really matter actually. Play with it! Flirt back, it’s just a game, may it lead to something real or not. In any case, it’s good for your ego and self confidence. Keep it light and smooth, never forget it’s a game, never take it too seriously, never lose sight of what it really is. If the person is serious, you flirting back will push them to be more obvious and clear. If it’s just a flirtatious person, they’ll just enjoy a good seduction game and both of you will feel good anyway.” — Nonid

“As a flirtatious person: Good fucking luck. Even I don’t know how to tell if I’m actually flirting or just being myself.” — hellsbanshee