How Women Really Feel About Men Who Call Themselves ‘Alphas’
Tim Marshall

How Women Really Feel About Men Who Call Themselves ‘Alphas’

“The sheer confidence/lack of self-awareness is just really ironically funny to me. Because often the alpha male mentality is just avoiding stuff that would make them feel insecure, while parading around disguised as confidence overlords. It’s hilarious. Confidence is being able to work with your insecurities and not care if other people see them, not downgrading others for having those traits.” — Visible_Block_1519

“Only insecure guys feel the need to call themselves alpha males. Guys with a healthy world view don’t care about whether people are classified into alpha or not.” — Any_Coyote6662

“If you have to advertise how great you think you are, you probably ain’t that great.” — LadySygerrik

“Major red flag. I’m also assuming he is misogynistic and will treat me like crap. So for me, I would run, far.” — Mhor75

“That they’re an absolute man child that thinks there’s only one definition of how to be a man. Alpha males that advertise it come off as ridiculously insecure and are quite frankly, pretty hard to be around. Lording over people with an air of superiority and a puffed out chest does not make you better than other people. Neither do fancy cars or houses.” — SuitableNegotiation5

“What I think in a list of keywords: hatful, angry, dumb, insecure, misinformed, dangerous, misogynistic, and fearful. Guys who call themselves alpha are at best con men and are never leaders. They are closed-minded and detected from reality and are a big fat oohh hell no.” — foolshearme

“Yeah, in Spanish we have a beautiful saying, ‘Dime de que presumes, te diré de qué careces.’ Tell me what you brag about, I’ll tell you what you lack.” — lululechavez3006

“Malignant insecure narcissistic misogynist. Back away slowly and make excuses because overt rejection is fairly likely to be met with violence.” — BabakoSen

“I find it very cringy and I would instantly would lose all interest if there even was interest to begin with. It’s often used to get away with jerk behavior and most likely tells that they are really insecure, like literally, they are getting their behavior advice on Tik Tok, etc? Grow up, please.” — Particular-Archer-53

“He most likely does not view women as human beings with complex thoughts and feelings and sees them more as accessories to have sex with.” — chronicallyillbrain

“I am thinking, why is it necessary for him to tell me that? It’s kind of a red flag indicating that douchey behavior is likely to follow.” — lillavenderbuddha

“That I’m embarrassed for him. I think the whole thing is stupid when talking about humans, but if we were, no one who actually is an alpha would feel the need to convince anyone.” — GlitteringFrost

“Outside a few people in college, I have thankfully avoided them. At best, they’re obnoxious but also somehow really boring. Also, they seem gullible because humans are not wolves. Shocking I know. “ — Candide2003

“I’d make a mental note to avoided them from then on. I’d also laugh probably.” — QuietDapper