How You Can Start Prioritizing Yourself, Based On Your Zodiac + Tarot


Your Card: Four of Swords, reversed

Aries, you need to start prioritizing your physical, mental, and emotional health. You’ve been hustling and working hard, but while you’ve been placing emphasis on your success, you’ve neglected rest and self-care. It’s important to step back from the demands of life and those we place on ourselves. Take the time to do things that restore your energy and the things that bring you joy. 


Your Card: Five of Swords, reversed

You can’t prioritize yourself until you decide to find closure in order to move forwards. There’s a situation, wound, conflict, or grudge that has been weighing you down. It’s preventing you from growing and attracting the things that are truly meant for you. Let go of that energy, Taurus, and stop letting it have access to your being. 


Your Card: Six of Swords, reversed

You’re refusing to move on from obstacles and challenges and it’s preventing you from embracing new opportunities. You’ve developed an attachment to these hardships and they’re confining you and keeping you stagnant. The first step in prioritizing yourself is to be willing to embrace change. Stop running from your problems and face them. It’s time to heal, Gemini. 


Your Card: The High Priestess

You need to stop seeking out the wisdom and permission of others and start looking within yourself for guidance. Dive deep and connect to your inner voice. It may just be a matter of slowing down and reflecting. Take some time alone and dive deep. Remember that happiness is found within yourself and that you shouldn’t let your relationships with others define you. 


Your Card: Ten of Cups

Prioritize yourself by seeking true contentment. What are the things that truly fulfill you and make you happy? Don’t live your life for anyone else, by the book, or by convention. As long as you listen to what calls you, then you can trust that you’re on the right path. It’s also important that you start nurturing your bonds with those who matter most and stop wasting your time on shallow connections. 


Your Card: Wheel of Fortune, reversed

Stop hiding from your destiny, Virgo. You can begin by embracing change. Things may be terrifying because they feel out of your control, but trust that these upheavals are your highest good. Let go of your resistance to natural ebbs and flows. Learn from the discomfort and be grateful for it. The most unexpected of changes lead us to the most wonderful things. 


Your Card: Two of Pentacles

You’re juggling too much at once, Libra. As someone who values harmony, so much imbalance has left you feeling depleted and discombobulated. Prioritize what matters the most to you. You need to evaluate where you place your energy and efforts and remove the things that don’t feel fulfilling or necessary. 


Your Card: Knight of Pentacles

In order to prioritize yourself and those big dreams of you, you need to get into an efficient and realistic routine. You want a lot, Scorpio, but you have to commit to it. Stay grounded and focused, and you’ll find yourself progressing steadily. You’re going to accomplish all that you set out to do, it’s just going to take some readjusting and self-discipline. 


Your Card: Knight of Swords

If you want to start prioritizing yourself, then you need to stop neglecting your sense of purpose. Take charge of your own happiness, Sag. The last thing you lack is boldness and assertiveness, so don’t let any setbacks deter you from going after your biggest desires. Push forward with conviction and keep your eyes on the prize. You’ll get there. 


Your Card: Two of Wands

You have a clear vision of what you want, Capricorn, but there’s a self-doubt or fear stopping you from taking action. If you want to start prioritizing yourself and your happiness, it all starts with taking the steps required to manifest your heart’s true desires. It may feel terrifying, and you may not be sure if you’re going about it “the right way.” But you won’t know until you try. Just start


Your Card: Eight of Cups

You’re not emotionally fulfilled right now, Aquarius. In order to prioritize your well-being then you need to begin by letting go of what no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy. Take some time to dive deep and meditate on what truly brings you joy. What aligns with your values and true desires? Be honest with yourself, and then set some long-term goals. You can work towards them. 


Your Card: Nine of Wands, reversed

You’re neglecting and betraying yourself by giving up. Right now your spirit is crushed, and you need to stop listening to that voice that’s telling you it isn’t possible. Don’t let your feelings of self-doubt and exhaustion control you. It’s just noise. Regain your confidence and strength, and get up and try again.