How You Experience Heartbreak, Based On Your Birth Order
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How You Experience Heartbreak, Based On Your Birth Order

Only Children

You experience heartbreak privately. You would rather process your emotions on your own, while hiding in your bedroom or the bathroom, than announce how much you’re hurting to the world. Even though you have a wonderful support system that you’ll turn to when times are dire, you usually experience heartbreak behind closed doors. You use your alone time to learn to get to know yourself again, to figure out what you want from a partnership moving forward, and to heal your broken pieces. Although you aren’t ashamed of your heartbreak, that doesn’t mean you want to share it with the world. It’s a tender, personal thing in your eyes.

Oldest Children

You experience heartbreak over an extended period of time. You have so many responsibilities that you can’t afford to break down whenever someone hurts you. You have to grin and get through the day anyway. You usually heal in bits and pieces whenever you actually have spare time to dedicate to self-growth. This means that it could take you longer than you’d like to get over an old relationship. You’re usually not ready to date again weeks after your heartbreak. You need some time. You can’t rush yourself because it’s only going to make you miserable. It’s not going to help you heal.

Middle Children

You experience heartbreak loudly. You aren’t afraid to call up your friends and give them the juicy details about every little thing that went wrong in the relationship. Communicating with others is comforting to you. You aren’t going to hold back your rants about your ex or your fears about being single again because you believe the best way to heal is to feel every emotion. And to express those emotions outwardly to the people who have your back, the people who will remind you that your ex doesn’t matter and everything is going to be okay in the end.

Youngest Children

You experience heartbreak openly. You embrace your vulnerability and talk about what happened to you honestly because you don’t see the point in playing pretend. You aren’t afraid to let your tears fall in front of others. You’re going to get emotional whenever someone asks you what happened between you and your ex because the relationship meant a lot to you — and that’s okay. You aren’t ashamed of your tears. Your tears mean that you once had something special. They mean that you’re allowing yourself to feel your feelings so you can move on and find an even happier ending.


You experience heartbreak differently each time it happens. No two partners are the same, so no two breakups are the same. Sometimes, you’re going to spend a lot of time in bed, recovering from the emotional pain. Other times, you’re going to distract yourself by going out and partying with friends, having the time of your life now that you’re free and single again. You never know how your heart is going to handle a loss because you grow and change over time. But the one thing that remains consistent is that you are going to get through this. You’re going to be okay again soon.