If You Struggle With Self-Doubt, Read This

I hope you find the courage to speak up for yourself. That no matter how hard it is, you find your voice, even if it shakes, even if your hands tremble. You owe it to yourself not to shrink beneath others.

Stand tall and take up space because there’s plenty of room for you. Don’t let negative people siphon your energy—they don’t deserve it.

Even if you think it won’t make a difference, use your power to stand up. Taking the first step and every one after that is what matters. Keep using and finding your voice and soon, you’ll never forget how to use it.

I hope you never settle for less. There will be people who’ll spend their days trying to prevent you from reaching your goals. Pay them no mind.

You deserve everything you can dream of. It’s all within reach. Your purpose is waiting for you to find it. There’s no better time to start than now.

When the path gets bumpy or you lose sight of it, don’t abandon your dreams. Take the scenic route if you want, that’s okay. Let your soul rest until you’re ready to go full-speed toward the life you want.

Your dreams will still be accessible, no matter your pace. Make a promise to yourself that you won’t take no for answer. If it seems like all the doors are shut, stay prepared. You never know when another will open, even if it already slammed in your face.

I hope when all seems lost, you look for the bright spots in life. They’ll be hard to find at first, but they’re there, usually right in front of you.

It’s the way birds sing, proudly filling the air with their sweet melodies. It’s how lovely the flowers smell, their brightly colored petals dancing in the breeze. It’s the warmth of a stranger’s smile, knowing you’re never alone in this world.

Don’t let the length of darkness in your world cloud your whole view of it. Everything isn’t lost. Life is simply waiting for you to find it again.