If Your Zodiac Made This List, You’re Super Forgetful


You’ve got a lot going on, Sagittarius, and your thoughts are usually not very organized. You can sometimes be a restless sign, which leads you to jump from one adventure to another. This also means that your thoughts can be scattered; you’re not only focusing on a million different things at once, but you’re changing your thoughts about each every second! To top all of this off, you also tend to be a multitasker. This means that you can sometimes be forgetful because you’re doing too much at once – if you’re packing your bag, reading something on your phone, and setting down your book, you’re bound to forget where you put your book down later on.


Your sign toes the line between dreams and reality. This also means that you’re known for being a little forgetful. You may sometimes remember dreams as if they’re real memories or just generally feel like the memories of your day are a little unclear sometimes. You have a lot going on when you commune with your inner consciousness; it’s normal for you to be forgetful when your mind is processing your dreams, unconscious thoughts, and your conscious reality. Since you have so much to think about all at once, you often lose track of your thoughts (sometimes even in conversation).


You’re so laser-focused on your work, you often end up forgetting other, smaller details about your life. You might struggle to remember what you had for dinner yesterday or where you put a small object. You might forget conversations or small details about people. To you, these aren’t always major issues – you’re a logical person, and you agree with your mind’s decision to prioritize your major life projects and work. Still, it might be a good idea to write something down every now and again – your forgetfulness tends to come up most often with other people, whether it’s a life event about someone you forgot or even a birthday.