Important Love Lessons 18 People Learned From Their Exes

Important Love Lessons 18 People Learned From Their Exes

Even if a relationship doesn’t work out, it doesn’t mean it was a waste of time. You might have learned something important about love or about yourself.

“Don’t depend on someone for your happiness, because if they fuck you over and leave… so does your happiness.” — AdjectiveAdverb

“If they know you care more about the relationship than they do, you’re gonna have a bad time.” — chinchilla_muaythai

“There’s a fine line between loving someone and loving being in a relationship.” — choddos

“Abuse can start small and build over time. I think a lot of people see abuse as someone slapping around their partner. It rarely starts out like this. It usually begins with manipulation and isolation. Another misconception is that abusive relationships are always angry words and physical abuse. Often there’s a lot of good days, and one bad one. Then your partner makes up for it the next day, so it’s easy to feel like you’re overreacting. I learned in my three year long relationship that I never ‘made’ my partner hit, belittle, or otherwise hurt me. He chose to, and I did not deserve it.” — sidney_vicious

“You need to go out with someone who makes you feel secure. Security is a very important thing in a stable relationship.” — charibariruchi

“Having your own life is just as, if not more, important than the relationship itself.” — IGottaFindBubba

“Love isn’t enough. If you don’t want the same things in life, have critically opposing views on the nature of people and society, and can’t go more than a day without a massive fight–all the love in the world won’t stop your fall.” — lennui

“Don’t go into a relationship expecting someone to change. ‘He/she’d be a perfect partner if only…’ never works. If you don’t want them for who they are, don’t fucking bother.” — CaptainDjango

“Don’t take shit from cheaters. They will always cheat again, so forget about them and move on with life.” — [deleted]

“Listen to your friends. They’re your friends because they care about you, and can often offer great advice because they’re not clouded by her looks like you are.” — THE_LOUDEST_PENIS

“Don’t blame yourself for everything bad that’s going on in life.” — Pmart_6294

“If their friends hate you, they’ll probably end up hating you too. A lot of people are swayed by their group more so than their SO. One against many doesn’t usually work and you can end up without friends.” — [deleted]

“If she leaves another guy for you, she’ll leave you for another guy.” — Apparently_Familliar

“If the beginning of a relationship is rocky, it’s never going to get better and you’re just wasting time.” — charibariruchi

“Never sacrifice your dreams for someone else. You will only be filled with resentment towards that person in the end.” — tourniquetman34

“A relationship founded on sex is an empty relationship.” — slayemin

“Compromise means both people need to budge. Constantly turning down the things you want/need doesn’t help anybody.” — nowwaitjustoneminute

“Be honest. Don’t bottle emotions. The key to a good relationship is open communication.” — [deleted]