In A World Full Of Disappointment, I’m Choosing Hope

frustration, discontent, disappointment, defeat, failure, unhappiness. comparing and contrasting… comparing and laughing. studying the way that things are for them, the way things should have been. the things I should have said, the places I could have been.

if only my choices were better made… if only my mistakes had not been laid down in wet concrete. to solidify and manifest as my past for everyone to see. and hear. and bear witness to. 

but a different way of coping perhaps i should consider? the road less traveled, the one where dignity can still find a way to glimmer… in that hopeful way.

there is always a silver lining. this is true. so what if this idea is always considered, too?

instead of dwelling on the pain and the regret and the parts of the story where i fell short
what if all of these something nothings became nothing somethings
and i gave my soul the chance to shine again?

what if i decided
to change all of my tomorrows
to beginnings
instead of allowing all of my yesterdays
to be ends

what if every morning
here on out
i wake up with a smile and a heart full of hope
and take on the day with the positivity and radiant wonder
the same that is embodied by my seven-year-old angel
what if 
from here on out
i not only encouraged and supported him
but matched his enthusiasm
for life, and people, and LOVE for both
we could be
we WILL be
Unstoppable. Infallible. Impossibly Exuberant.