It’s time to stop believing these Lies about relationship in 2023
Megan Ruth

It’s Time To Stop Believing These Lies About Love In 2023

“That you don’t need to get to know yourself before settling. If more people didn’t rush into marriage (yes, even in 2023), we’d have much better ones. IMHO, your 20s should be to make mistakes and find out what you like. It doesn’t mean to avoid commitment or just sleep around and be an idiot: it means understanding what you like and what you don’t like in a person, what you’re looking for and what makes you passionate in life.” — Brabantine

“That love at first sight is real. It’s a nice sentiment, but love takes time and effort to develop.” — Icy-Conversation4016

“That love is easy and relationships will have romance just fall into your lap if it’s meant to be. Real life is not a movie and it gives people a very wrong image of what a healthy relationship looks like.” — trevmc1

“That there is a point you reach where you get your Happily Ever After then you just get to coast. That’s not how relationships work – it’s not the moment he tells you at the NYE party how he loves that you get cold when it’s 71 degrees out or when you get married in a big ballgown. It’s all the little moments, the everyday caring, the small affections and the avoidances of trust pitfalls. They add up to a Happily Now. But there’s not a point you can hang your hat up and say, ‘Okay. I got this marriage thing sorted out. Now I get to do whatever I want.'” — Carl__Gordon_Jenkins

“That persistence is romantic. In reality, it’s usually creepy.” — Pissed_Off_Pacifist

“That falling in love is the greatest thing that can happen to you. in reality, falling in love is a shitty experience when the person you love doesn’t love you back. Also, that love is an emotion instead of a choice. Maybe at first, love is an emotional thing, but to make it last, you actually have to choose to show love for the person you’re with on a daily basis. Falling out of love is as much about the choices made that led to that point as it is about the emotion itself. Everyone has habits that are going to annoy you. Everyone has things about them that are frustrating. But, being and staying in love requires actually looking last those things and CHOOSING to continue your partnership (providing those annoying and frustrating things aren’t abusive).” — HeathenBliss

“That a partner is your reward for doing good, and it’s probably the one you’ve been pining for for some time.” — DONT_PM_ME_BREASTS

“That you can interrupt weddings in a romantic way. For the love of god, DO NOT interrupt a wedding. It will not go how you think it will.” — dcbluestar

“That in heterosexual relationships men are always, always ready and willing to have sex, and women have to be convinced and give in.” — forgettingroses

“That we’re supposed to have long sex sessions. Honestly a good 15-20 mins is pretty good for me.” — ItsMeThereHair

“That you cannot be happy single and it’s better to work hard for a so-so or bad relationship than to be single.” — puffcake33