Adele, Rebel Wilson / Instagram

It’s Time To Stop Commenting On Celebrities’ Bodies

You’ve probably noticed the influx of attention Rebel Wilson and Adele have gotten in the last year. While Adele has a new album to take some of the attention, these women have been headline-fodder not because of their skills, but because of their bodies. Both have had recent weight loss, and now everyone has something to say. “They finally look great.” “They shouldn’t have lost weight–it hurts their larger fans.” “Will the weight loss affect her voice? Her comedy?” Then there’s Lizzo, who’s always been reduced to her weight despite being a literal badass musician.

This is nothing new. Celebrities’ bodies have been the topic of conversation from the very beginning. It’s not just commenting on weight. We talk about the Kardashians curves, models’ new lips and cheekbones, actress’s workout routines and diets. It’s time to stop once and for all.

Their talent vs. their bodies.

Celebrities are here for a very specific talent. Maybe it’s their acting skills, their singing, their inspirational Instagram posts, or their hilarious TikToks. Whatever the case, we should be talking about what they’ve decided to offer us. Still, that’s not always the case.

Above, you can see a supercut of all the times Scarlett Johansson has had to clap back at interviewers for asking her inappropriate questions about her body. Here’s a gem when she was asked about her diet after Robert Downey Jr. got an actual interesting question: “How come you get the really interesting existential question and I get the rabbit food question?” She’s a superhero just like the rest of the Avengers, but because she’s a woman, she doesn’t get the same kind of attention.

Male celebs go through this, too.

Jonah Hill on The Tonight Show

While the above examples have been women, male celebrities also get reduced to just their bodies. Actors like Chris Hemsworth and Dwayne Johnson are constantly discussed in terms of their workout routines, their muscles. Then there’s Jonah Hill, who has recently spoken out about the issue on Instagram.

This is to all the people who say, “but it’s a compliment.” Jonah Hill, who has also gone through a weight loss and fitness journey, doesn’t appreciate the comments, even when they’re positive. Think how you would feel if your entire existence was reduced to the way your body looks.

This advice isn’t just for celebrities.

Let’s make a pact right now. We’ll extend the “no body talk” to the rest of us. Our bodies are off-limits. No comments on weight loss or gain. Unless it’s something someone has immediate control over, like hairstyle, clothing, or makeup, it’s not for us to comment. We’re all human, we all have bodies, and we all get our feelings hurt. Open your heart and close your mouth.