Married men explain how they picked their wife’s engagement ring
Nikola Mihajloski

Married Men Explain How They Picked Their Wife’s Engagement Ring

“My wife is a chemist and agronomist. She was working on her master’s in agronomy and part of her thesis project had to do with cobalt and molybdenum. So I got her a cobalt chrome engagement ring (which happens to also be 6% molybdenum). For the stone I went with a manufactured sapphire, because science. She absolutely loves it. Cost me less than $300.” — surdophobe

“She gave me pictures of a few rings she wanted. All sapphires, no diamonds. I got one of those for $120. Probably worth in the $200 range today. She specifically did not want the ‘two months’ salary’ standard. She would refuse a ring that was expensive enough that somebody would be willing to cut off her hand in order to steal it.” — CaptainTime5556

“I spent $140, I wanted a more expensive ring for her, but she insisted that I use that money for the wedding. I ended up going with a silver ring that looks like the branches of a tree, it has one large amethyst in the middle and two smaller ones in the branches to the side. When I saw it, it immediately reminded me of the date we went on when I realized I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. We got up early to go to an orchard that was a little while away, the whole ride, she was talking about how frustrated she was with work and I was so happy to be listening to her talk and to spend time with her. We spent all day at the orchard, we got lunch at the farmer’s market, went on a hayride, went to a petting zoo, we picked pumpkins then picked apples as the sun was just starting to get low. From there we went a haunted trail on a ski trail that took us up the hill in a ski lift and we had to walk down. As we went up the hill, we got the most amazing view of the sunset and I knew had found my better half, because I couldn’t even imagine anyone else that I would want to watch the sunset with.” — TabbyCabby

“My grandmother pulled me aside five minutes after meeting my now wife for the first time to tell me that she really loved her and she would fit right into our family. They had a REALLY good bond for a couple of years before my grandmother passed. Her last wish was that I used her engagement ring from 1945 (my grandfather proposed the day the Germans left Norway) when I asked for marriage. I did, she said yes, and we have been happily married for a good few years now.” — Panzerpython

“Our decision was not to purchase engagement rings because weddings cost so much. We have simple wedding bands purchased from a local jeweler. We know the woman who made them. No diamonds. No stones. But, our wedding was in a night club with amazing lights and sound. So…know where to spend it.” — mediaseth

“$3500 and it was the first one I saw. I wasn’t planning on asking her to marry me but I was walking through the mall, saw the store, saw the ring. That was that.” — quietkodiac

“Two gay dudes. Got our rings off Amazon for like $16 each because I lose them all the time.” — thewineburglar

“I proposed with a ring from a coin-op machine in the mall. I bought like 12 of them so she could pick her favorite. Then I gave her my grandma’s fused together marriage/engagement ring after she said yes.” — Hammand

“We never got an engagement ring. I don’t really like rings, so I proposed with a poster of the stars on the night we met.” — AstroWolf11