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Matthew Lillard Started A Film Studio…And It Has To Do With NFTs?

Okay, we all love Matthew Lillard. That’s a given. Whether you first got hip to this tall, gangly actor from his role as Stu in Scream or you’re a diehard fan of the live action Scooby-Doo movies, you likely have a place in your heart for him. And why not? He’s great. But there’s some recent news in Hollywood about everyone’s favorite tall boy and his upcoming film studio and vampire-themed horror movie, and it’s a bit confusing.

Matthew Lillard and writer-director Bill Whirity recently announced the launch of their film studio, Midnite Movie Club. Rather than a traditional film studio with powerful, rich backers acting as executive producers and calling all the shots, this one’s getting its decision-making from a different source. NFTs. It’s being touted as the first “decentralized movie studio.”

What does that even mean?

Midnite Movie Club

Good question. Essentially, people who buy into the NFT-based Midnite Movie Club use their purchase like a membership card, which gives them privileges. Those privileges mean you can vote on what movies will get made, what actors get cast, what the costumes look like. It’s a completely democratic filming process using the blockchain to make this all work.

And the studio already has its first movie picked out. They’ve decided on Let Them Die, a vampire horror movie. Almost nothing is known about this movie right now. IMDb doesn’t have anything filled in yet for it, including writer, director, or cast. All we know, based on the Deadline article about the studio, is that Let Them Die will begin filming this summer, 2022.

Fans have had mixed reactions.

Since the announcement for Lillard and Whirity’s Midnight Movie Club, fans haven’t been shy about how they feel. The reactions have been mixed. Some think the NFT angle is unnecessary and stupid. Others are just happy to see Matthew Lillard doing literally anything. Some have said:

A vampire movie called “Let Them Die” backed by NFTs and blockchain is just so fitting. Are they even aware?


After Twin Peaks, I’d watch anything Lillard was involved in until proven unfounded.


I can picture it now. A new race of vampires arise, called the Eneftees, and the main characters need to convince the old school vampires that they need to Let Them Die.


They need to bring Jamie Kennedy into there fold. Scream 1 with them was amazing. The chemistry and acting was awesome.


The title made me think “wow, this is a neat idea!” Until I found out it’s just more trend chasing with fucking NFTs


What do you think? Are they just chasing a weird trend? Are you excited for another vampire movie? Are you down for anything Matthew Lillard touches?

Only time will tell if this was a good idea or whether the movie will ever even get made.