Maybe This Is The Season You Give Your Love To Yourself

When I love, I love fearlessly. It’s everything or nothing at all. There is no in-between. There is no holding back. I’m all in. This is beautiful; it’s wonderful—even magical. Because in a world that often feels full of half-hearted attempts, in and outs, in situations that leave you feeling confused, it’s refreshing to commit to someone or something. To make a choice and stand by it.

This is why, when something ends, it often leaves me deeply saddened at a loss—feeling like I am full of love that I can no longer give to what I thought would be “forever.”

This is also when I remember that just because something ended does not mean the love has to. Energy always flows. A continuous vibration that can and should be redirected to something else. 

We have to stop thinking of love ending because love doesn’t end. It’s consistent. 

Always present. Always in this moment. Emitting from within you.

Perhaps this season isn’t about someone else but about your growth, likes, dislikes, and the space you hold within this planet. 

Perhaps this is the season you heal whatever you’ve tried to find in another being. Maybe this is the season you realize that anything you are looking for in another is found within you first. 

Perhaps this is the season you genuinely feel at home within your own body. Truly comfortable in the silence of an early morning. Safe within yourself on those late nights. 

Perhaps this is the season of self-love.

The season you don’t feel the need to say yes to someone else out of fear of missing out. Because this season, you know that the space you hold in the comfort of your own home is where it’s at.

Maybe this time around, you realize that the only way to feel whole starts with yourself. It starts by saying no to the person you know you aren’t interested in but just passing the time.

Perhaps you realize that in doing so, you are not only making room for what truly aligns and resonates with your soul, but you are also allowing them to find the same.

Maybe this season, you open up your heart in ways that don’t involve momentary distractions. Perhaps this season, you dive deep within and find a sense of warmth as you watch the hues of the sky change because you are genuinely fulfilled in ways that no one else can ever provide you with but yourself. 

Maybe this season, you bring out the outfit tucked away in the back of your closet, waiting for the perfect time to be worn. Because of the mere fact that you got out of bed today, life should be celebrated day in and day out. 

Perhaps this is the season you hold steady within while everyone else stops and stares. 

Maybe this season, you learn to set boundaries without feeling guilty afterward. You understand that anyone who truly wants to hold space in your life will show you through their actions and consistency. 

Maybe this season, you finally stop questioning yourself and go for it. 

You say yes even when you are scared, especially when afraid of the unknown. You learn to breathe deep and calm any anxiety seeping through. Because often, the thought is more significant than the actual act. Because in doing so, not only do you teach your anxiety that it’s okay that you are competent, but your brain begins to make new connections that, with practice, help you show up in ways you’ve only dreamt of. 

Maybe this season, you move your body with ease, fluidity, kindness, and empathy. 

Maybe, just maybe, my love, this season, you realize that the love you saw in another being was a mere reflection of the love you hold within.