Never Forget These 16 Truths About Romance, Boundaries, And People-Pleasing

Never Forget These 16 Truths About Romance, Boundaries, And People-Pleasing

“Never date a man thinking ‘you can fix him.’ If he was an ass to begin with he won’t stop being an ass because of you.” — Shadow948

“You don’t need to have children if you don’t want to. In fact, you shouldn’t have children if you don’t want to. You don’t owe your family or a partner or anyone else children.” — Choice_Bid_7941

“Good men do exist – but no nice guy has ever had to say how nice he is.” — boltswinagain

“Just because someone likes you it doesn’t mean you have to like them back, romantically or platonically speaking. We are not properly taught how to have solid boundaries but to ‘please’ and ‘be nice’ which makes it hard to recognize when we don’t want something.” — sritaunicelular

“You matter. And you have worth, that goes far beyond what you can offer to men. It’s not contingent upon your looks, your weight, your dress size, your virginity, your fertility, your youth (or the illusion thereof), or how much money you/your partner make. It is intrinsic to you as a human being, and no person or circumstance (not even you, or the choices you make) can take them away.” — coffeeblossom

“If you feel uncomfortable, say something or remove yourself from that situation. You don’t need to put up with someone or something just to be polite. Someone else getting offended by you saying ‘no’ is none of your concern.” — thedonnerparty13

“Hang out with people whose company you truly enjoy. Don’t have friendships for other people’s benefit.” — 17FeretsAndaPelican

“Advocate for yourself: Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself and assert your needs and boundaries. Learn to communicate effectively and advocate for yourself in both personal and professional settings.” — Yummycircle777

“Your worth is not determined by the number of people who want to sleep with/date you.” — corinini

No is a full and complete sentence. It’s not an invitation for a discussion. When you said no, you had a good reason for it. You don’t owe anyone being nice or polite, if they try to insist – don’t be ashamed to tell them to fuck right off.” — st34kie

“Get your own drink! That drink does not leave your hands. The moment it does, you’re finished with that drink.” — clevelandrocks14

“Financial independence is important: Learn to manage your finances and become financially independent. This can give you greater freedom and control over your life.” — Yummycircle777

“Lots of people will tell you what they think about you and what you should do, and what you shouldn’t do. Not everyone’s thoughts are worth consideration. Don’t take criticism from anyone who you wouldn’t also go to for advice.” — RandomRandomPenguin

“It’s more important to feel safe than to be nice.” — mangochutney55

“Youth and beauty are only temporary so concentrate more of your energy into your health, being a good person, and gaining knowledge.” — NoSession1674

“Him being nice to you is the bare minimum.” — psychobabblebullshxt