Never Let Life’s Struggles Convince You That You Don’t Deserve Happiness

There is no reward for voluntarily suffering for events that happened in your past. You are not required to live in misery because you think it’s all you deserve. In fact, you owe it to yourself to create the most beautiful life possible despite your perceived setbacks.

Stop telling yourself that you are beyond repair. Stop being your greatest enemy. Stop being the person who puts the most pressure on yourself. Stop being the person who refuses to acknowledge your accomplishments and how far you’ve come. You might not realize it, but you are the person you are trying to run from. In order to get what you truly want—love, acceptance, rest, grace, and compassion—you have to be open to receiving it from yourself. When you refuse to have grace with yourself, it will be difficult to believe you deserve it from anyone else. 

You deserve not only a good life but a life that is extraordinary, occasionally messy, yet filled with people you love and tiny moments that brighten your worst days. There is no rock bottom you cannot climb, crawl, rise, or be lifted from. Have courage, because I promise you are not here by accident. The desires of your heart are not only yours but part of a more remarkable life that is meant for you. Please believe that you weren’t placed on this Earth to suffer endlessly, but bloom through the cracks of pain. 

You will recover from your darkest setbacks. You only need to get out of your own way. Allow yourself to receive genuine love, not love disguised as manipulation, constant arguing, cheating, and lies. Allow yourself to confront your fear of loneliness and walk away from environments that no longer support your growth or goals. There are so many people you still haven’t met yet. There are so many memories that will put a smile on your face that you haven’t made yet. Please do not let life’s struggles trick you into believing that your life is beyond repair. Contentment in your life is absolutely possible. Do not let life’s struggles trick you into believing otherwise.