New Dating Rules For Finding Love In 2023

Here are the new rules for successful dating in 2023.

1. Take things at face value.

If someone says they aren’t ready for a relationship, believe them. If someone says they don’t want something serious, believe them. If someone says they just want to go with the flow, believe them. Stop relying on the “signs” that they want to commit because these are merely distracting you from the what has already been communicated.

2. Say what you actually want (not what you think you should want).

Stop pretending you’re cool with casual if you are looking for something serious. Stop avoiding speaking up for what you need because you think this will make you more “chill.” Be truthful and watch your dating life improve as a result.

3. Stop romanticizing the bare minimum.

Raise your standards and expect more from the people you date.

4. Never let someone tell you they don’t want to be with you twice.

Whether this is said directly or unspoken, you’ll know if someone wants to be with you because they’ll be with you (see rule one). Rejection is merely a redirection. Stop begging for love because something real doesn’t need convincing.

5. Dating apps definitely do suck (but you still are probably going to have to use them).

So, lean in. Answer your Hinge matches’ messages. Be intentional. Be brave. Be yourself.

6. Don’t rely on texting to be your main form of connection.

In other words, don’t let yourself get caught in an endless talking stage. Make plans in person, and then follow through on those arrangements. And when you go on a date, be engaged. Even if you are realizing throughout the outing you aren’t interested, someone has still put aside their time to get to know you. Unless you feel unsafe, be respectful and present.

7. Say no to situationships.

They just aren’t worth it.

8. Remember that everyone is doing their best (including you).

Dating is hard for almost everyone. While there are definitely going to be jerks out there, assume that most people are seeking connection and to be loved, and to love. To put yourself out there takes courage and a willingness to tolerate being let down. Be kind, be direct, and be honest. This goes for others and yourself too.