Priscilla Du Preez

No One Is Entitled To Your Friendship

This is about the people who demand your time. The ones who ask for favors as if you have no recourse to refuse. No excuse is legitimate. If you don’t respond to their every request, they bully and belittle you.

This is about the people who think being nice is enough to win you over. The ones who think that if they give you a compliment, you owe them friendship or a romantic relationship. They’re the “nice guys,” the women who expect you to spend time with them when you don’t know them at all.

This is about the people who think friendship is unconditional. That no matter what they do, you’ll still be around. They can be toxic as hell, lying to you, treating you like shit, yet if you try to break contact, they’re pissed. To them, you’re the one ruining the friendship if you want the abuse to end.

This is about the people who always talk shit about their friends behind their backs. you know they do it. If they say mean stuff about everyone when you’re not around, you know they do it about you, too. If they hate everyone so much, why do they even bother having friends? Maybe it’d be better if everyone just said goodbye.

This is about the people who take, but never give. The ones who expect everyone around them to cater to their every whim. The ones who mysteriously disappear whenever the situations are reversed. They want everything from everyone, but hate to help those same people in return.

This is about the people who don’t read the signs. The ones who push friendships on people who find any excuse to get away. They want to start something with you because you shares values and interest. I get it. But just because they want to be your friend doesn’t mean it’s reciprocated. You don’t owe them anything.

This is about the people who don’t take no for an answer. The ones who seem surprised when people try to cut contact with them. The ones who ignore people when they say “no.” The ones who think they know what’s best for everyone.

This is about the people who guilt trip you if you strand up for yourself. You fight back against their toxicity, and they gaslight you into putting up with it. They use all the psychological tricks to keep you around.

This is about the ones who try to take you down with them. They were once you’re friend, but now you want to cut contact. Then you try, and they blow everything up. Drama, drama, drama. If they can’t be your friend, they want to make it so no one will be your friend. The other friends who know better will stay.

No one is entitled to your friendship.