No, The Period Talk In ‘Turning Red’ Is Not Inappropriate

No, The Period Talk In ‘Turning Red’ Is Not Inappropriate

Turning Red is an incredibly fun, heartfelt movie about girls growing into women, hormones, crushes, periods, and following your own path instead of listening to your parents. However, some people have had issues with the fact that the main character draws pictures of her crush in her notebook, speaks to her mother about pads and tampons, and ultimately does what makes her happy instead of trying to please her mother. Here are a few reasons why their complaints are complete BS:

We need more transparency about periods and physical health as a whole.

Hygiene products are completely normal and should be treated that way.

There’s nothing weird about going through puberty and we should stop treating it like such a shameful thing (especially for women).

There’s nothing gross about getting your period – and talking about it will help make everyone feel more comfortable.

Hormones make kids have crushes. Get over it.

Adults needed more movies like this when we were younger. The younger generation needs content like this.

Despite people claiming the kids are unrelatable, most of Twitter disagrees. The tweens are depicted pretty accurately.

99% of Disney characters disobey their parents at some point. This is nothing new.

Why would periods make you feel more uncomfortable than murder?

Anyone who grew up in 2002 knows what it’s like to write and draw fanfiction.

You were cringey at that age too. Guaranteed.