The Internet Is Reacting To The Man Who Went Missing In 2003, And Was Found In 2022

In December 2003, James Amabile called his babysitter to tell her he was running five minutes late to pick up his two daughters. That’s the last anyone heard from him. After many years of investigating and trying to locate his whereabouts, the case has finally been solved. According to CBS News on March 29, 2022, “Officials confirmed a body found in an SUV that was submerged in a Pennsylvania creek is James Amabile, who had been missing since 2003. The SUV and body were discovered earlier in March by a group of YouTube volunteer divers who have helped crack cold cases around the country.”  The group of divers who call themselves, Adventures With Purpose, have solved 28 cold cases thus far, and are working on a few others.

1. So Many Submerged Car Cases

Never in my life would I have guessed there are so many submerged cars with dead bodies inside. Seems like every week a missing person is found and has been under water for decades.


2. A More Common Situation Than Anyone Realizes

This happens more often than people realize, and especially in South Florida from what I’ve read. Motorists may mistakenly drive into a canal and have no means of escaping their vehicle. There was a case I recall from Southern Florida where divers found a minivan that contained the remains of a missing woman and her two children, apparently the mother lost control of the minivan and drove into the canal. Authorities recently solved 2 separate missing persons cases where the persons involved wound up in the Ohio River in their vehicles. One case in eastern Ohio involved an auto accident where the driver lost control of his vehicle, and he and his girlfriend with him drowned. The other involved a Cincinnati mother who was despondent over marital problems and drove into the Ohio River deliberately. Authorities have identified the mother’s remains, but the remains of her 2 children who were with her have not been found. The mother’s remains and vehicle were found in the Ohio River near Lawrenceburg, Indiana.


3. Why Not Check The Water?

Seems like local enforcement in these cases doesn’t ever bother to check the waterways.


4. A Sad Situation

From what I read, Mr. Amabile had diabetes, and his sister believes he may have experienced a medical emergency with his diabetes that caused him to lose control of his vehicle and land in the creek. Very sad for his family and friends.


5. Look Underwater If A Person and Their Car Are Both Missing

These days, I’m pretty much convinced: If someone and their car goes missing that they are both underwater.


6. Close to Home

This actually happened in my town. I went to high school with his daughters. So the “creek” is not so much a creek it’s part of the Delaware river it’s what most people would think of as a river. We’ve had two deaths exactly where his car was located in the past 2 years because it’s a straight shot from the road to driving right off the pier so if someone was driving straight they’d go right into the water. What I don’t understand is that pier and the restaurant have been re done very recently so that’s how the pylon was driven through the engine block of the car but I don’t get how the crews would not notice when doing the work or how when the other two cars went in they didn’t discover his car. He would have been less than 3 miles from where his house and baby sisters house was. There is also not dumped cars or anything in that area of the water it’s right off the pier so thats not a great reason as to why he couldn’t be found. One other weird thing to note was the entrance to that waterfront doesn’t look the same now as it did prior and it’s an odd area to just accidentally make it to, it’s tucked deep into a small neighborhood.


7. Creek Is Misleading

I grew up in the area where he went missing from, the “creek” where his vehicle was found opens up into a huge pond/lake near the I-95 and varies in depth throughout. To call it a creek is a little misleading it’s more like a small river, it’s a tributary of the near by Delaware river.


8. Solving This Gives Hope

This gives me some hope that Lee Cutler’s body/remains will be found. I think he’s been posted here before, he was a kid from my HS who went missing near the Baraboo River in WI in… 2007 or 2008 I believe. One big difference is that his car was found almost immediately, so I’m sure his remains are scattered all over.


9. His Seatbelt Was On

The body was found with the seat belt on in the driver’s seat.

He must likely went into a diabetic shock and took a wrong turn and drove into the river – and died from drowning.


10. Peace For The Family

I’m just really happy that they found his remains, and gave some peace for his family. I lost my husband around that same time and I can’t imagine if he had been missing rather than passed away — and how excruciating the pain would be…


11. The Main Theory

The primary theory is that he had a diabetic shock and lost control of his car, leading him to plunge into the creek. However, his last phone call was traced close to a tower near his babysitter’s house, and there was an anonymous tip that the police received stating the location of the car—which is what the volunteer diving group used to recover it. Something’s fishy and I think they need to identify who made that tip and start asking questions. How did he or she know he was there?


12. Tragic Situation

What a horrible tragedy. At the same time, I hope this brings closure to his family. I can’t speak for everyone, but I know that I would be relieved by it being a tragic accident as opposed to foul play.


13. Search More Bodies of Water

Why are bodies of water not thoroughly searched when the person was last seen, along their known route or phone pinged near them?


14. Happy To Have Answers

I love how a YouTube crew were the ones to discover the vehicle. I’m so happy his family got the answers to almost two decade long questions and were properly able to put him to rest.


15. Renewed Fear

Now I have a renewed fear of swimming in any body of water that isn’t a pool or an ocean as there might be a body in it 😢 my condolences to the daughters though!


16. Mental Confusion

I read somewhere that he had diabetes and during hypoglycemia experienced mental confusion because of it maybe that was what happened. I know it’s sad but I can’t help thinking it was better it happen while he was going to pick the girls and not after.


17. Adventures With Purpose

AWP strikes again! The work that this team is doing is incredibly. Way to go Jared & Doug!


18. Anonymous Tip Confusion

Was it AWP that called in the “anonymous” tip? When was the tip called in, before or after they did the dive? Did they work with police/were police there when AWP found the vehicle? The anonymous tip detail is confusing me.


19. Mind Blowing Tip After So Long

I can’t believe someone sent a tip after all this time. How in the world did they know he was there? Mind blowing.


20. He Was So Close To Home

It would be less than 3 miles from his house where he ended up.