Ieva Urenceva

Pick A Tarot Card And We’ll Tell You About Your Next Love

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a little peek at the future? For you to see who’ll be holding your hand through next year’s Valentine’s Day or who’ll break your heart next? While it might not be 100% foolproof, tarot cards can help you get an idea of what to watch out for. So, how does this work? Below is a list of the 22 major arcana cards, hidden behind random numbers. As you gaze at the numbers, think about what you want from your next big love. Are you drawn to a specific number from the list? Do any make you feel like, “Yes, this is the card?” If so click it and see who you’ll be falling in love with next.

Pick a tarot card to find out who your next love will be:


Your card: The Devil

You’re going to be tempted by someone who is all wrong for you. While they might be your next love, they won’t feel as strongly about you as you do them. Recognize the warning signs early so you don’t get too enmeshed.


Your card: The Lovers

Your next love will be a whirlwind. Rather than a slow burn romance, you’ll flash white hot from the first moments that you get together. While this doesn’t indicate whether there’ll be longevity to the relationship, at least it’ll be fiery.


Your card: The World

Your next love will feel like the one. You’ve been on a quest to find your soulmate and the cards are in your favor, pointing toward a the final destination of a once-in-a-lifetime love.


Your card: Justice

Your next love will be into you just as much as you are into them. While your past relationships have felt imbalanced, this next romance will feel just right–and you won’t want to let go.


Your card: The Emperor

Your next love will be the type who takes control. They could either have a literal role of authority in your life or just give off serious “daddy” vibes. There’s also a good chance there’ll be an age gap with your new partner being older than you.


Your card: The Moon

Your next love will be hiding some secrets from you. While not all secrets are relationship-enders, it doesn’t feel good to know that someone’s been hiding important details. It’ll be up to you whether it’s worth it to stay.


Your card: Wheel of Fortune

Your next love will pop into your life when you least expect it. This card is ruled by luck, because sometimes love just finds you.


Your card: The Star

To find your next love, you need to have hope. If you’ve been single for a while or have had a string of bad partners, it might be difficult to have hope right now. But hopelessness will get you nowhere. Trust in the fact that you’ll eventually find your person.


Your card: Temperance

You won’t find your next love at the club. Instead, stay away from places that don’t foster lasting relationships. You’ll find your soulmate in calmer locations that better fit your hobbies and interests.


Your card: The Empress

Your next love will provide a nurturing presence in your life that you’ve never gotten from previous partners. You deserve to be taken care of, even if you’re normally the one doing all the nurturing.


Your card: Judgement

Your next love will be the person that you deserve. If you put out positive energy, you’ll get it in return. But if you’re consistently a bad partner, get ready for a bad partnership from the person you end up with next.


Your card: Strength

Your next love will take courage to find. Hiding out in your home will get you nowhere. Even if first dates can be scary and anxiety-inducing


Your card: The Magician

Your next love won’t just fall in your lap–it’ll take effort to find them. Ask friends for setups, go on a slew of Hinge dates. The more you do to make it happen, in as thoughtful of a way as possible, the more likely you’ll manifest an epic love.


Your card: The Hanged One

Your next love will have mutual stability as long as you’re able to see situations from their side. The best way to end arguments on good terms is to appreciate the situation from their angle, too.


Your card: The Hermit

Your next love will come after a long moment of being single. You need some alone time to figure out what you want and who you’ll be in your next relationship. If you give yourself space to grow alone, you’ll find someone amazing once you’re finally ready to date again.


Your card: The Tower

In order to find the best person to be your next love, you have to completely change not only your approach, but the way you think about relationships in general. What you’ve been doing hasn’t worked, so trying something new will finally help you find the one.


Your card: Death

Your next love will find you when you’ve finally said goodbye to your ex. Holding out hope that you’ll find each other again, or holding on to anger and betrayal, will poison everything when you find someone new. Let it go and you’ll have a much better time with your next love.


Your card: The Fool

Your next love will be completely unexpected. Rather than fitting your narrow “type,” they’ll show you that you can find love from people you never would have thought of. Keep your heart open and you might realize that this was the right person all along.


Your card: The Hierophant

Your next love will have the same values and similar life goals as you. Rather than having to compromise on the big, monumental areas of life, you seem to slot together like puzzle pieces.


Your card: The Sun

Your next love will be the warmth and positivity that you’ve been looking for. No dark moods or pessimism for you. Look for someone with golden retriever energy and you’ll be just fine.


Your card: The Chariot

You’ll find your next love because you put in the effort to find them. Rather than letting your life wind along an automatic path, you’re the one in the driver seat and you get to decide who you spend it with.


Your card: The High Priestess

You’ll recognize your next love when you feel it in your gut. Your intuition will guide you to exactly the right person for you. Don’t ignore your instincts or you could end up with someone who doesn’t treat you the way you deserve.