Some Ways to Protect Your Heart During This Mercury in Retrograde, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

On May 10th, Mercury moves into Retrograde in Gemini—the social, vibrant, excitable sign of the zodiac. While Retrogrades are often regarded as astrological boogeymen, they aren’t really something to be afraid of, especially when you know what to look for.

When Mercury moves into Retrograde, we notice a struggle in our communications, our travel plans, and contracts/legally binding documents. While this may sound a little rigid, many of these things can affect our relationships and our hearts. Exes come out of the woodwork. We start wondering what we could’ve done differently. We open ourselves up to all sorts of potential torment because we are too focused on what has already happened to see what’s currently happening.

 Check out your zodiac sign below to see how you can protect your heart during this retrograde season.


You never have a problem speaking your mind—it’s a quality you are deeply admired for. Yet during this Retrograde, you may feel a little too empowered and say whatever pops into your head. Don’t stubbornly cling to the idea that speaking your truth is required in every single circumstance. Sometimes when we are so desperately trying to assert ourselves, we hurt others in the process. You may feel so bold that you come on too strong, so enjoy the extra dose of courage, but don’t be so quick to center yourself. 


With all the chaos surrounding your season, it can be easy to become caught up in the confusion of Mercury in Retrograde. It can feel easy to become anxious and uncertain about your life, but try to relax in this Taurus—your heart is as strong and stable as it has always been. Don’t allow negative influences to make you question your self-worth or make problems that aren’t there. It’s okay to take some time for yourself, but don’t use this time to shut everyone out. You can protect your heart while still being present.


This Mercury in Retrograde falls in your sign, which can feel like the chaos is targeted towards you. But you thrive in a little bit of chaos, right? Communication is essential to you, and retrograde in your ruling planet can potentially throw you off your game. You do not have to force connections or interactions with people when you know it’s likely going to be misconstrued. Focusing on glowing up and loving yourself during this time (and what will soon be your season) will be the best way to keep your heart safe. Additionally, with Jupiter moving into bold Aries in your house of communication, know that you are allowed to put yourself out there—just try not to go in with intense expectations.


This Mercury in Retrograde, don’t try to fight the parts of you that want to daydream in fantasy—it’s okay to be a little idealistic every now and then. Protecting your heart this season means actually looking after it, though—rather than placing it in the hands of others, as you are known to do at times. Introspection will play a significant role for you during these next few weeks but will give you plenty of time to recognize and embrace the things you want, not just the things you think you want so that you’ll be loved.


Mercury is asking you to take a step back and think about how you speak to your friends and how they speak to you. The planet of communication is back spinning through your house of friendship and community, and a retrograde has the potential to cause some miscommunication between the people you’re so closely connected with. While you may have a good amount of pride, your heart can still be vulnerable to misinterpretations if you aren’t careful—and it could cause you to lash out. Try to slow down and spend time with your friends, but be cautious with your words and the weight they hold.


Your ruling planet may be in retrograde, but that doesn’t mean you have to let the anxiety cripple you—in fact, this is a good time to realize just how much good is at work in your life, instead of anticipating what could go wrong. You try so hard to protect yourself that you can’t always fully enjoy it—so protect your heart by letting it actually be relaxed right now.


Sometimes, the best way to keep your heart safe is by being honest about what it needs—and what you want. While Mercury in Retrograde has a reputation for muddling the lines of communication, it can also be used to reevaluate those methods—perhaps they aren’t working because there is a better way to communicate than what you’ve been doing. Allow this period to reflect on how you bring up what you need to feel loved and feel safe. When the moment arrives, you’ll be better able to get your point across.


Protecting your heart during this retrograde means, as blunt as this may sound, not taking everything so personally! You already have a knack for letting paranoia get the best of you, so take some time to keep in mind that this season will be hectic for people—a slip up in a conversation or a delay in getting back to you isn’t the personal vendetta you think it is. A few days later, the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse will be taking place in your sign, so you’ve got bigger things in store, anyways,


Mercury in Retrograde may try to throw you a little, Sagittarius—but we know you aren’t one to let life keep you down for long. Don’t try to force your way out of any snares that come up, though—sometimes protecting your heart is as simple as giving yourself some much-needed self-care.


This Mercury in Retrograde would love nothing more than to throw a wrench into your life, but you’re good at staying focused. However, you may have some exes or past connections that want to come back—protect your heart by remembering that people usually only want to try again when they see how well you’re doing, so don’t let them back in.


This season focuses on your friendships, Aquarius, which is just how you prefer it. While Mercury in Retrograde likes to show up to cause a little mischief (beware of former flames trying to work their way back in!), protecting your heart is done best when you have friends who have your best interests at heart, so this is the time to embrace them fully.


While Mercury in Retrograde is often a time where we caution not to text back your ex, this season may be tempting you to be that ex—so stop it. You are no longer in that space for a reason, and this period of time will only open you up to even more pain than you’ve already experienced, so keep your head down and work towards moving on. Just because Mercury is moving backward doesn’t mean you have to as well.