Allie Feeley

Tarotscope For Today: Tuesday, June 11, 2024


Your Card: Three of Cups

Friendship is the medicine that heals all today. Don’t isolate yourself. Get out with your favorite loved ones, the ones who just get you. Playful, lighthearted interactions renew your hope in others. While you’ve been battling some gnarly emotions, today gives you a break. Community elevates you. Others want to put a smile on your face. You’re seen, witnessed, and cared for.


Your Card: Nine of Wands Reversed

There’s frustration, and then there’s taking out your frustrations on others. Don’t wait until you’re ready to burst. Communicate your feelings from a centered place. Paranoia, irritation, or projecting onto others can create disharmony. On the other hand, don’t allow others to put you down just because they’re overwhelmed. Have compassion for yourself and others. De-escalate accordingly.


Your Card: Three of Swords

There are heartbreaks that you cannot avoid in life. While no one likes the discomfort of pain, don’t run from it. There are better days on the horizon. As you run into disappointment or grief today, hold space for any and all emotions. There’s no right or wrong way to feel. Take a relaxing walk. Journal. Cry. Whatever helps you process should be a priority. It’s okay to be hurt, but don’t choose to suffer by remaining stagnant in the same hurt.


Your Card: Eight of Pentacles

Motivation is on your mind. It’s easy to overcome challenges, as you’re feeling on top of the world in your aims. Work is rewarding. Your hard work is recognized and appreciated. Merit, credit, and growth carry you to the next level. However, don’t slack off now. Continue to put your best foot forward and take pride in your craft. You’ll thank yourself down the line.


Your Card: Ace of Swords Reversed

There’s a need to cut out distractions or painful triggers that are preventing your growth. New beginnings are seeking you. As much as you crave to be freed from your problems, you must embrace a more empowered mindset first and foremost. You cannot escape it. It’ll require confronting the beast head-on. Slash your sword and cut away the loose ends. Then, renewed hope can motivate your actions.


Your Card: Ten of Cups

There’s luck finding you. Your relationships are fulfilling. Family is connected. Children laugh and play. Wherever you’re seeking improved connection or love, you’ll find it. Partners are likely to feel more romantically inclined. While the passion in your life is renewed, rose-colored glasses allow you to see the best in everything and everyone. Enjoy this gentle sense of wonder. However, know that this ideal moment shouldn’t dictate all future decision-making.


Your Card: Page of Wands Reversed

A new side of yourself wants to emerge from the shadows. However, you have to give yourself permission to want new things first and foremost. The Page of Wands reversed shows your apprehension to take up the space you deserve. Creative inspiration is on your mind. Attraction and passion in romance recharge you. However, you’re being reserved about it. Trust your instinctual impulses. Go after who or what you want.


Your Card: Queen of Cups Reversed

Reconnect with yourself today, Scorpio. You’re likely forgetting who you are in some ways. There’s no need to self-sacrifice at the expense of your relationships. In fact, the right people will encourage you to recharge your spirit when you’re feeling depleted. Don’t fall into codependent ways of relating. Love doesn’t have to drain you! As you lean into your intuition, you’ll find all the answers you’re seeking. 


Your Card: The Sun

Happiness! Joy! Revelations! The Sun is beaming down on your Tuesday experiences, bringing luck. Expansion is your birthright. Overall, the agenda for the day will go smoothly. You’ll find more joy than you were expecting. The people around you are full of love to give and laughter to share. There’s little that can get you down now.


Your Card: The Empress Reversed

You are feeling out of tune with your values and it’s upsetting your sense of self-worth. Today, set things straight. Set appropriate boundaries. Reflect on your needs. Validate your emotions. There’s insecurity brewing in your mind that should be questioned. Why do you feel that way? How can you course correct your line of thinking? There’s a need to make changes externally or internally that reflect your desire to maintain self-love.


Your Card: Six of Pentacles

Help is on its way. You may be helping others, or your past karma of supporting others returns to you today. Savor the beauty of mutual exchange. When one is down, the other helps them back up. This healthy pattern makes growth sustainable. Your realistic needs cannot be met without asking for support today. Rather than struggling alone, find teamwork. It’ll free you from any stress. 


Your Card: Five of Swords 

Don’t turn the other cheek. If you feel disrespected, acknowledge your hurt feelings. There’s no use in minimizing yourself. Only more problems brew from this reaction. Set firm boundaries today. People cannot use you as an emotional punching bag without consequence. Remain true to yourself. And don’t forget who is helping you while you feel down,and who appears to be indifferent.