The 10 Best Pixar Movies Ever Made, According To Adults
Erik Mclean

The 10 Best Pixar Movies Ever Made, According To Adults

Soul. All the other Pixar movies are excellent, but Soul gets to a lot of what I feel about my own life as I’ve gotten older. Am I the person I’m supposed to be? Do I truly have a purpose? Can these things be discovered at any time, or is it too late? Life is amazing, and I hope we all get a chance to do it again no matter what our current outcome is. It’s a powerful and beautiful movie.” — Archer-Simple

A Bug’s Life is severely underrated. The lessons to be learned about how laborers can and should rise up against oppressors and take the value of their labor for themselves instead of allowing someone else to steal it is timeless.” — Sovreign_grounds

Coco was an absolute masterpiece, from a visual, storytelling, and musical standpoint. It created that raw, visceral, emotional response that Pixar is inhumanely famous for, but it didn’t hurt you for the sake of their insatiable bloodlust for human tears that UP and Inside Out did, it hurt you because even though it beautifully wove the traditions of Mexican culture surrounding Dia de los Muertos specifically within its tale, it connected with all of us who have lost someone close regardless of ethnic background. UP was poignant, brilliant, and the first chapter is a work of art, second to none, but nothing tore me apart more than watching Miguel reconnect with his great grandmother after spending time in the afterlife, and then having to face losing her soon after. It is a love letter to all of us who have experienced the crushing and timeless pain of true loss, in a way that offers hope of reunion and redemption, and sprinkles in humor and conflict throughout. It is the perfect film.” — Creepy-Dark6459

Toy Story 3. The end hit me hard. I remember packing up my room when I left for college. It was such an emotional moment of leaving childhood behind and deciding what to do with all my stuff. And Toy Story 3 brought all those feelings back to the surface. And I was freaking 30 years old when that movie came out! Was not expecting that emotional blindside at all.” — KatieCashew

Ratatouille. That scene at the end where Anton Ego bites into his meal is just so emotive. Always makes me remember my mom’s cooking too.” — shiggidyschwag

The Incredibles. Best film. Got in on the whole superhero theme early. Kids film with simply great dialog and pace. Which, for adults watching for the 80th time, is appreciated. As an adult, its the little things in the movie like throwing your micro-manger through a wall…or 6 when he truly annoys you and the issues with monologuing villains. Finally, NO CAPES!” — Hempsox

Up. I was not prepared for those first 10 minutes when I saw Up for the first time. It was both amazing and heartbreaking at the same time.” — ServiceCall1986

“Unpopular opinion, but I loved the movie Brave. It hit home for me with the mother/daughter conflict. Made me emotional, and made me laugh. Excellent music too!” — HungryAdvice4935

Wall-E. The first 5 mins or so of Wall-E where it’s just a robot silently doing its daily tasks is my favorite.” — cpuonfire

Inside Out. I moved around a lot as a kid and that end scene where Riley talks to her parents and finally gets to feel her sad feelings gets me every damn time.” — sleepy_panda15