The 10 Subtle Hints She’ll Drop When She Wants You To Ask Her Out
Andrey Zvyagintsev

The 10 Subtle Hints She’ll Drop When She Wants You To Ask Her Out

If you’re wondering what signals women usually use to hint at their crushes, here are some answers for you:

“I laugh at every joke he says. I can’t help it, it’s not being fake, I just get a nervous giggle that won’t seem to go away.” — alabamacakelady

“I mention being single as casually as I can.” — GoGoCourtzilla

“My move, which has a 100% success rate, is touching his arm when I laugh and saying his name, like ‘hahahaha’ touches forearm ‘oh my god John you are so ridiculous hahaha…’ and then hold eye contact as the laugh fades. Then, as the laugh fades into a gentle smile, still hold eye contact, and then pull my arm away shyly and look away.” — lyla__x0

“I get touchy, always text back in time (which barely ever happens), meet him without backing out, send him somewhat ugly snaps of me and stuff like that. Well I general I try show that I trust him” — [deleted]

“I almost never wear makeup. Just too much trouble to spend 10-20 minutes on every morning. So I wear makeup whenever I know I’m going to hang out with a guy I like. So in other words, if she usually doesn’t wear makeup except when you have plans together, she might like you. There’s also this TV show I watch religiously. I once skipped the season finale to hang out with a guy I liked. He knew how much I loved that show so when it came up that I was missing the finale to be there, I played it off like, ‘I’d rather be hanging out with you anyway.’ Better believe that’s the night we confessed we liked each other.” — capri1722

“Tell all his friends I want to bang him. Good wingmen always pass it on!” — ladytwoface

“I casually give compliments and touch his arm lightly, fix his hair or tie or whatever, actually look into his eyes while I’m laughing at his joke, even if it’s not entirely funny. And also, I try hard and pay extra attention to listen to him while he talks about something he is passionate about or tells me something that happened. So that I can remember what he might be interested in, or link that information with something related 3 days later to show that I actually paid attention. And listened to you. And tried hard to remember what you said. It might sound normal but for a girl like me who has her days and weeks completely packed and busy 90% of the time and has 176528 things to remember, that one is a big deal for me.” — namilivsn

“I go out of my way to try and sit next to them, I look at them often with a dumb stare, and if I lock eyes because they look back at me I get embarrassed and look away with a blushing smile. I also go out of my way to leave space near myself that they can occupy if they might possibly like me back, and try to hide how excited I am if they sit or stand next to me. I also try to ask them questions about themselves, and I tend to crack a lot of jokes and then get shy about them.” — camp_serious

“Fuck subtle hints. But when I like someone and don’t have the courage to tell them directly, I laugh a lot at their jokes, play with my hair, smile constantly around them, blush a lot, stumble over my words, and find any and every excuse to talk to them.” — peace-and-bong-life

“I’m a coward so I ask his friends about him, specifically why he’s missing at the group function(s) and act all ‘awww.’ That way they tell him that they think I’m interested in him. Yeah, this is like a high school tactic but it worked on the last guy and we’re getting married next year.” — stillgaga4ganja