Michael Burrows

The 10 Worst Things About Geminis

Everyone, no matter their zodiac sign, has positive and negative traits. But the problem with Geminis is that the differences seem more pronounced, the contrasts more vivid. 

Along with Libra—who is symbolized by the ever-shifting sides of the Scales—Gemini is one of only two zodiac signs who is represented by two things rather than one, in this case the Twins.

But whereas the Scales of Libra tilt toward balance, Gemini’s Twins are marked by conflict. Geminis recall the “little girl” in the famous poem by Longfellow: “When she was good/She was very good indeed/But when she was bad she was horrid.”

Geminis have a bad reputation, and this article isn’t going to help. Keep in mind that this is about the Evil Twin. If you want to know about the Good Twin, wait for my next article “The 10 Best Things About Geminis.”

1. Moody

When people say someone is “moody,” it usually only means bad moods. No one is ever called “moody” when they flit effortlessly from elation to joy to optimism to contentment. And it’s not as if Gemini doesn’t experience a wide range of positive emotions. But we’re dealing with Twins here, and you never know which Twin is going to wake up in the morning. Not only that—these Twins are ruled by the planet Mercury, which also forms the root word to “mercurial,” which is just another word for “moody.” In the blink of an eye, Gemini can go from warm to chilly, from optimism to pessimism, from elation to depression, from kindness to fury. Trying to pull them out of a bad mood can feel as difficult as trying to drag a car out of the mud with your bare hands. When they lose their temper, it can be like a car overheating. You may have to wait hours before they cool down. 

2. Sarcastic

As a very social sign with excellent communication skills, Geminis can be exceedingly charming. But the flip side is that they can also be extremely insulting and off-putting. Although they may think they’re just “being real” or “telling it like it is,” sometimes they put a little bit too much spice in their sauce and wind up being snarky, caustic, and disrespectful. They are habitual line-steppers, and it’s often a way to mask their own hypersensitivity and easily bruised feelings.

3. Impulsive

Every so often, everyone needs a change of pace—but for Gemini, “often” seems to come every five minutes. The most easily bored of all the star signs, Gemini takes a devil-may-care attitude that frequently finds them heading straight into danger without a safety helmet. If something seems exciting and risky, they’ll ignore the “risky” part and try to seize all the excitement they can. They’ll dive straight into a relationship with someone that they know will be bad for them. They’ll spend money they know they can’t afford to spend. If they hear that something or someone is dangerous, it only makes it more attractive to them.

4. Two-Faced

If you know a double-dealing, double-crossing, underhanded, backstabbing, lowdown, hypocritical, unfaithful, two-faced dirty dog, odds are good that it’s a Gemini. Again, we’re not talking about all Geminis or even most of them most of the time—we’re talking about general behavioral tendencies. To your face, they may butter you up, but it’s secretly because they’re preparing you to put you in the oven and roast you at 450 degrees. In person, they tell people what they want to hear, but behind their back, they fling insults like so many rotten tomatoes. 

5. Nosy

Being ruled by Mercury makes Gemini excellent communicators, but the dark side of this is that they can also be incurable gossips. Upon first meeting them, it may seem like they want to know everything about you, but after a while, you may start to realize that they focus on the embarrassing stuff. They have a burning need to know the scoop on everyone and may wind up interrogating you like a District Attorney. What at first seemed like a friendly meet-and-greet can wind up feeling like the Spanish Inquisition. 

6. Immature

Open-minded and curious by nature, Geminis often approach the world with a wide-eyed sense of childlike wonder. But “childlike” can quickly swing to “childish.” It can rapidly turn from innocent to bratty. If someone else is going away on a spectacular vacation, has just received a lavish inheritance, or is getting a lot of positive attention, Gemini may find it hard to be happy for them even if it’s a close friend, a family member, or a loved one. They may resent the fact that it isn’t happening to them. They also have trouble sticking to plans or learning their lesson. For the sake of themselves and everyone around them, they need to grow up and put away such childish things.

7. Anxious

When it comes to the eternal struggle between optimism and pessimism, things tilt heavily toward the Dark Twin. Bad experiences seem to affect Geminis more deeply than good ones. They tend to worry themselves sick about what might go wrong even if it’s only a remote possibility. If ninety-nine people compliment them but one person insults them, they’ll focus on the insult. If things are all sunshine and roses, they’ll look for rain and thorns. They often expect the worst to the point where it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

8. Dramatic

Geminis are restless souls who get easily bored, so they sometimes have a compulsion to make their lives seem more exciting than they are. Because being an entertainer is part of their personality, they can be deathly afraid of boring others. That’s why, when describing either good or bad situations in their life, they tend to lay it on a little too thick. They may tell you they just landed an eight-figure job, when it’s really only five figures. They might say they have a life-threatening illness, when it’s really only an ingrown toenail. They can be narcissistic about the good things and histrionic about the bad things, and people may find it exhausting.

9. Controlling

Geminis set high standards for themselves, and that’s a good thing. But they also tend to expect everyone else to conform to those standards, and that can be a very bad thing. They don’t like to be disagreed with on matters of fact or taste. In extreme cases, they will tell you how to dress, what to eat, what music to listen to, and even how to think. This trait can range from mildly pushy to overbearingly imperious to iron-handedly tyrannical. When the controlling behavior gets out of control, it is up to the Good Twin to keep the Bad Twin in check.

10. Fickle

Flighty, restless, capricious, and sometimes downright volatile, Geminis have short attention spans that compel them to constantly seek out new experiences and new methods of stimulation. They may pledge loyalty to you and you alone, but it may not last long. They may start a million projects but finish none of them. They may change their minds more frequently than they change their underwear. It’s one of the most frustrating things about them, but then again, there’s a reason they’re called the Twins.