The 15 Most Disturbing Horror Movies You Can Stream Right Now–If You Can Stomach It

There are two kinds of horror fans: The ones who watch for fun and the ones who try to get through the scariest and most disturbing films they can find. It’s a badge of pride. If you’re classed under the latter, I have the list for you. While the top movies may seem tame, they just get more and more unwatchable as you go down the list. Best of all, these disturbing horror movies are available to stream right now, so you have no excuse. And if you’re complaining that Salò, or The 120 Days of Sodom or A Serbian Film aren’t on the list, you can thank their lack of streaming options for that.

15. Funny Games (2007)

Funny Games

George and Annie just wanted a peaceful family vacation at their lake house, but you can’t always get what you want. Soon a pair of maniacs arrive, escalating their odd behavior to a full-on hostage situation. They’re not going to kill the family right away though, because that would ruin the “games.” The mental and physical torture is immense in this one and is likely to make you feel terrible afterward.

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14. The Exorcist (1973)

The Exorcist

While you may scoff at this classic being on the list, The Exorcist was monumental when it came out, giving a whole generation some serious nightmares. Linda Blair kills it as a child possessed by a demon, fighting against the priests who dare try to exorcise her. You won’t look at pea soup–or crucifixes, for that matter–the same way again.

Watch The Exorcist on Netflix.

13. Inside (2007)


A pregnant woman is home alone when a mysterious stranger invades her home. She wants the woman’s unborn baby, and she’ll do absolutely anything to make that happen. This includes a burnt face and an amateur C-section. There’s nothing like some brutal violence against a pregnant woman to give you the chills. This is regularly called one of the scariest movies, and for good reason.

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12. Excision (2012)


Teen girl Pauline dreams of being a doctor. She dreams of other stuff, too though. Mostly, her dreams feature lots of blood and gore, and she wakes up with orgasms as a result. Getting off at the thought of blood sometimes just isn’t enough. Sometimes you need to make your dreams a reality–the gorier the better.

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11. Tusk (2014)


A podcaster travels to Canada in search of a story, and he finds one in a man obsessed with a walrus. The man had an encounter with “Mr. Tusk,” who saved him one day at sea. Unfortunately, the man is hell-bent on recreating Mr. Tusk, even if the podcaster isn’t a willing participant. Although Tusk is a Kevin Smith horror-comedy, the idea of being made into a walrus and psychologically manipulated into believing you are one is almost too disturbing to stomach.

Watch Tusk with a Showtime subscription or on Kanopy.

10. Atroz (aka Atrocious) (2015)


The cops come across a terrible car accident and, in investigating the cars of the perpetrators, find tapes of brutal acts. Rather than go through the appropriate channels, the commander-in-chief takes matters into his own hands. This found-footage film is just plain brutal. Tape after tape of violence, gore, and brutality that you’ll have trouble watching.

Watch Atroz on Tubi.

9. Raw (2016)

Lifelong vegetarian Justine is the victim of a bloody and gross hazing ritual at veterinary school and is forced to eat raw rabbit kidneys. This awakens something in Justine she had no idea was in her: A thirst for flesh. And she learns from sister Alexia that this is a family trait. If you’re bothered by brutal cannibalism, you’re going to have a rough time with this one.

Watch Raw on Netflix.

8. The Human Centipede (2009)

The Human Centipede

Two American women are touring Germany when they are inadvertently drugged and end up in the clutches of a crazy surgeon. He’s got a grand idea of turning three people into the human version of his favorite insect, and all it takes is surgically fusing their mouths to each others anuses. Yeah, it’s as bad as it sounds.

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7. Grotesque (2009)


It should come as no surprise that a movie called Grotesque would be, well, grotesque. And that it is! A couple gets kidnapped off the street and subjected to long and terrible torture. I mean mutilation at the highest degree. If you have a hard time watching stuff happen with eye balls or tongues or testicles, you should probably turn back now.

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6. Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

Cannibal Holocaust

This movie is famous for being one of the hardest to watch. The found footage style, showing people stuck with a cannibalistic tribe in the Amazon, made people think they were watching a real life snuff film. While the human-on-human brutality isn’t real, it did feature lots of real animal cruelty, so animals-lovers will have a hard time with this one.

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5. Audition (1999)


A man lost his wife, so, at the urging of his son, auditions women to find a new one. When he meets Asami, he thinks she’s perfect. Only when he goes back through her past, he finds that she’s left a wake of men missing body parts. From there, things get more and more gruesome. The widower hasn’t lived up to Asami’s expectation, and now she’s more than happy to do something about it.

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4. I Spit on Your Grave (1978)

I Spit on Your Grave

This movie is all about rape and revenge. And you’re not going to get a quick rape scene either. This thing is extended. The film was banned all over Europe, including Germany and the UK for being so gratuitous in its violence. This isn’t a feel-good movie in the slightest, and will leave you feeling terrible if you manage to finish it at all.

Watch I Spit on Your Grave on Tubi.

3. Kuso (2017)


There’s an Earthquake in LA that’s left the survivors mutilated. They apparently think this is as good a time as any to start torturing the audience in atrocious ways. While this body horror anthology is meant to be more of a horror comedy B-movie than straight-up horror, that doesn’t make the viewing process any less uncomfortable.

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2. Martyrs (2008)


A young girl escapes from an old slaughterhouse and ends up in an orphanage. Lucie befriends Anna and tells her of of the terrible disfigured woman that terrorizes her. The film sees the girls grow to women and start the quest for revenge. A cult is hell-bent on bringing women to the absolute brink of death, and you’ll have a hard time watching them get there.

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1. Faces of Death (1978)

Faces of Death

This well known horror film is notorious for a reason. Presented in a documentary style, Faces of Death shows vignette after vignette of ways someone can die. Unfortunately, it’s not all fake. Real gruesome footage is spliced in with the fake stuff, making this a rougher watch than the rest of this list. After all, you can always console yourself that it’s all fake with the other 14 movies. You can’t do that with Faces of Death.

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