The 15 Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone

The 15 Worst Ways To Break Up With Your Person

Breaking up with someone is never fun, but you can at least do it respectfully. Try not to copy these stories, from singles about the worst breakup they’ve ever experienced:

“Text message. We were in the same university course and classes and lived in the same building. That was an awkward next four years around them.” — sirophiuchus

“Just about a month ago my SO just cut off all contact randomly. No goodbye, no anything. We weren’t currently fighting or anything severe, last time I saw her was actually a very pleasant time. It was just over like that. Kinda sucks.” — BerrySmooth

“I broke up with myself really. I unlocked her iPad and I was greeted with a Google search for advice on how to dump someone you live with.” — djddy

“I broke up with someone on April Fools day by accident.” — [deleted]

“I planned a surprise hot air balloon ride for our one year anniversary. On our drive there she said she was getting back together with her ex. That was a long fuckin’ 90 minutes in a basket with her. I ended up getting hammered on champagne and barfed on the balloon operators’ khakis.” — SeriozLeftCoast

“Dated for five years, mostly long distance. He broke up with me the day before I got a job offer in the city he was moving to after graduation. We now live near each other.” — dinosnaur

“She had her new boyfriend pick her up without letting me know that we’ve broken up.” — Dilubio

“Changed her MSN picture to her and her new boy and then dumped me, via MSN, one day before our one year anniversary.”  — jackielegs616

“He had his mom break up with me for him. Oh, high school.” — DontAskJustBringIt

“Out of nowhere I come home to a letter on my pillow and a bag of things I’d left at her place. The letter said that it was over, but not why it was over. I tried calling her up but she had blocked my number. So had her best friend and parents. Almost 3 years later and I still have absolutely no idea what happened or why she left.” — heyitsEnricoPallazzo

“Back in ’94 I went to Burning Man with my girlfriend at the time. Long story short, I packed it in early (3am) one night and when I woke up, she was gonesville. Apparently she’d met some dude the night before and ended up going home to Portland with him. Never saw her again. Only know the whole story because one of her friends took pity on me and told me what’d happened.” — elhoffgrande

“Recovering from cancer, found out she was cheating due to me getting more ‘attention’ than her.” — and73t

“Facebook messenger on my birthday.” — kahleesky

“The worst way I’ve broken up with someone was on Thanksgiving, just after meeting her family.” — Reading_Rainboner

“During a phone call with a friend, we were making plans for a huge party in the next month, and he mentioned that the party would collide with my work. ‘Erm, what?’ ‘Your girlfriend told me that you said you couldn’t go on holiday with her due to work, so she asked me whether I’d take the spot in the booking because it’s non-refundable. I assumed that this was your idea, so I didn’t mention it to you earlier.'” — [deleted]