The 16 Biggest Struggles For Single Girls Dating In 2022

The 16 Biggest Struggles For Single Girls In 2022

It’s not exactly easy to date in 2022. Here are some of the most frustrating parts of modern dating, according to singles:

“Online dating. On the surface it seems great in that you can meet people online without having to physically see each other to make contact. The trade off is the utter mountain of nonsense and completely shallow profiles.” — ancapailldorcha

“The ghosting culture. The fact that we have a date set up and they just stop talking to you. Or when you’ve actually had a date or two and they just stop talking to you. It’s really annoying and immature, if you’re not interested just tell me.” — thr0aty0gurt

“Giving a shit. It’s easier to just come home and Netflix the evening away.” — [deleted]

“Getting to my late 20s, I don’t want to date anyone I don’t see a serious future with. Makes it way too easy to pick holes in people, probably quite unfairly.” — GarlicyBread

“I’m maybe a bit too comfortable being single. I got a good thing going right now. I operate on my schedule, I do what I want when I want, and I’m able to be totally self absorbed.” — thatlldopigthatldo

“I have no idea how to flirt or read whether women are/aren’t trying to flirt with me, so I always just err on the side of caution and assume they aren’t. I see it happen to others, I understand what things are done, but I just don’t know how to apply it to myself.” — helokester

“Many people I meet can’t answer their phone or respond to a text.” — beefstewforyou

“I don’t put myself in scenarios to meet other people. I go to work, go home. the only time I actually come into contact with someone new is at a store or restaurant, but that seems very inappropriate to hit on someone who HAS to be there. “ — Lelentos

“Being a lesbian in a town where there’s like, five other gay girls, and two are exes and three are my friends.” — alphierose

“I overthink, which leads to overreacting or too much damage control, and thus causes them to think I’m insane, so they lose interest, and then the depression kicks in. Long story short, I need to fucking chill.” — IrishWithoutPotatoes

“Feeling like I have to entertain women on Tinder in order to stand out. I get that ‘Hi there. How are you?’ is boring, particularly when 500 other men are in your inbox with that same opening line, but having to come up with a zinger, pun, or memorable pickup line for every new woman I match with is tiring. I want to connect with someone, not dance like a trained monkey for them. It isn’t women’s fault. There are just too many potential matches for them to wade through, but it is exhausting for a guy to have to constantly fight to be noticed among the horde of mindless, horny dudes.” — FuzzyElf47

“I just want to remain single and enjoy my life but society thinks that’s weird, so friends and family keep trying to coerce me into a relationship. That and too many men want kids and I want no part in that.” — VivaLaSea

“Heart still with my ex. Been that way for a year and it hasn’t gotten any better.” — RockefellerRozay

“The people I want to date don’t want to date me. The people who do want to date me, I don’t want.” — frickingfrackingfuck

“Finding men to date. I mean I live in a rural area. Single men of my taste are rare.” — shrekine

“I have a difficult time connecting. It’s very rare that I find someone attractive, interesting and mentally stimulating to want to spend my time with them vs being alone. As an introvert, this is hard for me to find.” — tokkieface