Ghost Ship (2002)

The 23 Most Painful Death Scenes In Horror Movies According To Fans

With so many horror movies over the last 100 years, we’ve been blessed with some seriously creative kills. Filmmakers need to stay fresh, right? So they choose some creative and often gruesome ways to off their characters. But what are some of the most painful death scenes in horror? That’s what one fan asked recently, and we got some very upsetting answers. These are the horror movie scenes so painful-looking that they’re practically unwatchable.

Cube Zero’s Shower

Cube Zero

This part in Cube Zero where one room melts a guy with acid. I had to look away, that shit was too brutal.


The Ants in The Green Inferno

The Green Inferno

Green Inferno when they break Daniel’s limbs, tie him to a stake and leave him for ants to devour.


Getting Crushed in Saw V

Saw V

A guy gets crushed to death, starting when he tries to push back against the walls and the bone splits out of his arm.


A Nightmare on Elm Street 3’s Marionette

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

The marionette scene from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3. Just watching Freddy cut out that kids tendons and walk him like a puppet makes me cringe every time I rewatch it.


Silent Hill’s Murderous Pyramid Head

Silent Hill

Pyramid head ripping that chicks skin off.

Ngl, gave me nightmares for months


Freaky’s Bottle Trick


Probably the scene in Freaky when he shoves a bottle down a guys throat and then punches his throat, shattering the bottle.


The Curling Iron in Sleepaway Camp

Sleepaway Camp

This might be a little tame because we don’t actually see the gore of it but in Sleepaway Camp when that one girl gets SAed to death with the curling iron – I legit cross my legs and look away ughhh.


Fear Street’s Bread Slicer

Fear Street: Part One

One of the Fear Street flicks had a death where a girl’s head is put through a bread slicer… that gave me a splitting headache.


Wade’s Wax Figure in House of Wax

House of Wax

House of Wax, when Vincent turns Wade into a wax figure. He didn’t die straight away, he died later on when the museum burned down but the thought of being aware and not being able to move is terrifying and he most likely suffocated before burning alive. (Also, his friends find him mid movie and tried to take the wax off him but were just ripping his flesh…ouch).

It still haunts me and I saw it years ago.


Wolf Creek’s Head on a Stick

Wolf Creek

Always stuck with me. Even though it was likely not extended physical agony the mental agony of being a ” head on a stick” and being unable to do anything but bleed out would be psychological agony. It was also painful to watch because it was supposed to be the part of the movie where she gets away, frees her friend, and drives off – away from the terror. I didn’t see it coming.


The Killer Arm Bone in Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022)

The new TCM on Netflix has a dude get stabbed with his own arm bone after leather face breaks it in half. Can’t imagine that was pleasant.


The Sleeping Bag Scene in Friday the 13th Part VII

Friday the 13th Part VII

The one that sticks with me as a particularly nasty way yo go out is when Jason stuffs someone in a sleeping bag and smacks it against a tree.

Just strikes me as a really confusing and painful death.


Saw II’s Needle Pit

Saw II

The needle pit scene in Saw 2…even thinking about it makes my skin crawl.


The Tanning Beds in Final Destination 3

Final Destination 3

Tanning beds in Final Destination 3 is pretty damn brutal…


The Splitting in Terrifier


Terrifier…the girl was hung upside down and sawed in half lengthwise from the bottom to top. What’s even worse is this was an actual torture method used in the middle ages.


Apostle’s Drill


Not a slasher but there is a drill scene in Apostle that I immediately think of. It’s an old torture machine and omg it’s easily one of the worst deaths I’ve ever seen.


The Nail Gun in the Evil Dead Remake

Evil Dead (2013)

The bathroom and nail gun scenes in the new Evil Dead were brutal.


Frank’s Death in Hellraiser


Frank at the end of Hellraiser. Being torn apart all at once by hooks forced deep into body looks and sounds incredibly painful. 


Hostel’s First Death


The kid that does at the beginning of Hostel. Starts with slicing his Achilles’ tendons and let’s him walk just to have them separate and then gets the drill. Fuck. That. Shit.


The Many Methods of Ichi the Killer

Ichi the Killer

Ichi the Killer (2001) one character had hot oil poured on their back, then impaled with kabob sticks and next being shoved into a tv set. I think he ended up being crushed by a garbage truck compactor.


Ghost Ship’s Iconic Opening Scene

Ghost Ship

While it’s a terrible movie, the idea of the first (passenger) death scene in Ghost Ship has caused me paranoia around wires/cables for YEARS.


Casey’s Death in Scream


Casey’s death in the opening of Scream. Mainly because of how drawn out it is. Even after the knife to the throat and when she’s being dragged away, she’s still alive and trying to call out for her mother, but can only do a whisper because of the damage done. And then hanged gutted from a tree.


Bernadette in Candyman


The killing from Candyman. Namely because Tony Todd really sells it, grunting and ripping away at the flesh and bone. Bernadette’s death isn’t even onscreen, but her screams and those ugly sounds as he kills her make it all the worse.


Midsommar’s Bear Suit


The bear suit! Imagine knowing you’re fucked, can’t move or speak stuck in a bear suit to burn to death. There’s a directors cut where the music isn’t as loud and you can hear him audibly throat scream. It was so awful.