The 23 Most WTF Explanations Cheaters Use

The 23 Worst Excuses Cheaters Use

Cheating is never okay. You deserve so much better, even if they have a ‘good’ explanation — which usually isn’t the case. Here are some of the most outrageous excuses that cheaters have used to justify their actions:

She messaged me first! Okay, and? He was a whole ass adult who could have said no.” — Odd-Astronaut-92

I thought you were doing it too!” — mawo77

I knew her from school, we started catching up and I felt bad because she said she was suffering with mental health problems.” — highlandharris

If you had confidence in yourself, none of this would have happened.” — [deleted]

You deleted your Facebook, and my friend and I thought that was fishy.” — RandylVlarsh

My body was attracted to her, but my soul is always yours.” — Due-Juice9561

I just kind of assumed we were free to do our own thing when we weren’t with each other.  From a girl who kept telling me we were absolutely meant to be together and it would completely crush her if I ever cheated. Then when she cheated she said she didn’t feel bad about it, so realized I probably wasn’t the one.” — BigDumbGreenMong

I invited you to join us, not my fault you said no.” — JohnRTemple99

I did it for the excitement/thrill of being caught. Told to me by my now ex-wife. She got caught alright. I don’t think it was worth it to her overall though. Which makes me kind of happy, given karma etc.” — arcaiyne_

I’m going through a lot with my family at the minute.” — Silly-Pizza-7522

Well, I knew him longer than you.” — [deleted]

My parents didn’t give me enough attention as a kid. Ok? What the hell does that got to do with me?” — psycho_ex_

Sex is a need, not a want.” — moosesanddave

I was afraid they wouldn’t be my friend anymore.” — OnWaterHoarder

 “A guy’s brain isn’t fully developed until 25 therefore I don’t know any better and cheated.” — christiannotcatholic

I wasn’t sure where our relationship was going.” — Kittyfeetdontrepeat

I missed you. (I was on a short vacation).” — haynb03

My grandmother died. I didn’t realize cheating on your girlfriend is the standard grieving method.” — NorthernLotus

We never have any fights. So you decide to cheat so I can get mad at you??” — somerandomredditor18

I wanted to try something new. He cheated on me with his ex.” — meeez80

You’re never home. I was working two jobs because she was taking her sweet time trying to get a job of her own.” — kyle-and-karens-kid

I just found someone else I really like and she was closer. Never again with these long-distance relationships.” — trickythaws

I’m polyamorous, so I don’t know why you’re annoyed over it. I wouldn’t have minded this if I’d known it from the get-go and it wasn’t a couple of months after we started a relationship and were exclusive, with it only coming up after I saw them making out at her front door when I came by to drop off the leggings she left at my place on my way home from work.” — vainbetrayal

It just happened. It was the second time he cheated with an ex and he tried to make me feel better by saying he couldn’t finish because he felt guilty. Then tried to sleep with me. He hadn’t even showered in between.” — Call-Me-Ky