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The 3 Words That Best Describe A Pisces

Pisces are one of the most emotionally intelligent zodiac signs. They are the kinds of people who lead with feelings, not facts. They feel everything so incredibly deeply that sometimes it can feel like too much or feel too overwhelming. But the wonderful thing about them is despite how much they have gotten hurt, leading with feelings, they don’t change. Their feelings and the way they care is their superpower.


They are fighters when it comes to the people they care about, and they will do anything for you even when it becomes their own demise. One of their greatest flaws is choosing the kinds of people who might be toxic and struggling to walk away from it. They think their love is powerful enough to change someone or make them better. But it’s at the cost of breaking their hearts trying so hard for people who might not always deserve those chances. Their ability to love so hard and the unwavering consistency at which they do it keeps them attached to people and in places longer than they should sometimes. 

But when they do find the right people who reciprocate all they give and don’t take advantage of them, it’s this reminder of what they deserve and that it’s important to stay good.


Pisces are the kind of people who lead with empathy. Which is a great quality, but sometimes they understand so much and forgive too easily, so they get hurt by the same people.

If it is someone else who has gone through pain or experienced something difficult, they feel it like it’s them. They will cry with you and hold you in the process. But they will also be your greatest laugh and your most fun time. As deeply as they feel and as hard as they love, they also pride themselves on striving to make things better wherever they go. So they try to make sure you have the best time when they are around. They will be the friend that shows up first when you need them and answers their phone at 2 a.m. when you call—they are incredibly loyal and consistent. 


Because Pisces tend to follow their heart in every aspect of their life, they often find themselves choosing careers they are so passionate about, and naturally, they are driven to succeed and perform at a high level. Their passion for what they do motivates others and they quickly become a team leader. Because they are people pleasers, they get along easily with everyone on a team. They are the first to raise their hand and offer help, as they care both about individuals on their team and working together to make sure the job gets done. They will never be someone who is at the center of drama or gossip as they understand that won’t help them achieve tasks. Something they struggle with is balance. In wanting to please everyone and always saying yes, they tend to experience burnout by not making themselves and their self-care a priority. 

This also applies to their relationships—they don’t want to say no to invites, and they will go all the way for people. While they take a lot of pride in always showing up, where they struggle is in those relationships that don’t meet them halfway. 

In their relationship, the best kind of person for them is someone who will match that loyalty and take the time to understand the depth of their emotions. Pisces do so much for others, both because they have a big heart but also because they are insecure at the prospect of someone not liking them, so they try too hard in many areas of their life. They are someone who will need a lot of reassurance. They associate their self-worth with how much they invest, what they do, and what they give, so meeting someone who adds to their confidence, gives them a safe place to slow down, and tells them they are enough is a rare treat. In return, they will love incredibly hard, they will motivate their partner to achieve their goals and help them to do it, and they will be so loyal. 

While we all have things we need to work on and improve and Pisces are no exception, their driven nature, loyalty, and empathy make a good friend, a great partner, a top employee, and a family member that will always show up.