The 5 Most Ambitious Zodiac Signs


Leos know what they want, and nothing will get in their way. Pair their confidence with their drive, and you know they will get exactly what they are hoping for (at least most of the time). They are tireless and charming, and they know how to strike the balance of a job well done with high hopes- you honestly can’t hold a Leo back when they are after something.


Capricorns are known for their work ethic for a reason. When they have a goal, they’ll work tirelessly to achieve it. They know if they want something, they will have to throw themselves into it- and their approach often works for them. Though they can run the risk of overloading themselves, they won’t stop until they’ve completed whatever they’ve set their mind to.


Virgo is highly ambitious, especially given its perfectionistic nature. They have high standards for who they are and what they want- they won’t rest until all options have been exhausted to make those standards a reality. While they may be hesitant to pursue everything they set their mind to, given their analytical tendencies, they still have exceptional goals and a dedication to getting things done.


Aries is always ready to take the lead and start something they are excited about. They have the passion for dreaming big and the drive to get things going. While at times they may move onto a different project, when they do follow through to the end, no one is surprised how well they’ve pulled it off. As long as they have a reason, they will accomplish whatever they strive for.


Taurus gets a bad rep for being lazy, but it would be a mistake to underestimate them. When a Taurus wants something, they won’t stop until they’ve achieved it. They have an overwhelming amount of patience, so they don’t mind playing the long game, which means their success may come later on. With the process stretching out over time, their ambition may not be as evident- but ultimately a Taurus will be surrounded by the people they want and the lifestyle they crave.