The Best 80s Movies To Watch On Date Night

The Best 80s Movies To Watch On Date Night

Stand by Me. This is one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time. It makes sad watching it because it happens to a lot of us. You grow up with a tight group of friends that you have these adventure with but slowly time pulls you apart without you realizing it. You grow apart, get new interests and find people who share those same interests. The last line of that movie will always stick with me: ‘I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was 12, Jesus does anybody?’” — Jimwish32

Heathers. I tend to either despise or only grudgingly acknowledge anything from the decade (I’m very superficial so it’s a hatred of the hair and clothes) but that movie is just fucking gold.” — dauntless91

Back to the Future. In my book, this is one of the movies that defines the 80s. It was made for Gen X’ers and Boomers – and each of us were amazed an also laughed at each other’s timeframe. I mean, ‘Lou, give me a milk. Chocolate‘ is that badass line that really isn’t badass. It’s also the answer to ‘what is the best trilogy out there?’ (Sorry LotR fans). 1 – Sets up the story but defiantly stands on its own. 2 – Has a story on its own but acts as a bridge between one and three. 3 – Ends the story (yet leaves it open) where we have complete resolution for the characters.” — draggar

Predator. Campy action movies just aren’t made the same. There is just something about how hilariously cheesy they were yet still so awesome. It does help that there was no internet to go find out what your opinion is. It wasn’t high art, you just either enjoyed it or you didn’t.” — CaneVandas

The Lost Boys. I used to believe it was my favorite 80s horror movie, and like oiled-up saxophone guy, I STILL BELIEVE!“ — Zolo49

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Some of the special effects did NOT age well at all, watching it and comparing it to today’s effects standards, it’s pretty painful. But I think it adds to the charm of the movies from the era.” — keeeeevviiiiin

Aliens. I always use the ‘I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with current events, but we just got our asses kicked’ line for things. That and ‘Game over man’ of course.” — FLSteve11

The Empire Strikes Back. Hands down the ‘best’ Star Wars movie. More serious and gritty than the original, a much more mature story. Ending on a cliffhanger was such a massive hit to the movies gravitas though. I’ve never since then seen an audience leave a movie theater ANGRY about the ending.” — McFeely_Smackup

The Thing. Probably my favorite horror flick of all time if I had to pick one.” — frick-you-fricker

Blade Runner. Every time I see that movie’s name, I feel the need to watch it again.” — StormyParis

“Personally, I’ve always liked Uncle Buck. it’s a number one in my book. John Candy was gone too soon…” — greenastro