The Chillest Way To Clean Up A Spilled Drink At Any Party

“It goes down the same as the thousand before. No one’s getting smarter, no one’s learning the score.” Spilled drinks just keep happening! And spilling a drink can feel like such a party foul that in that panicked moment, we sometimes momentarily forget how to clean it up. No longer! Read through and study this definitive guide to one great method of cleaning up a spilled drink and soon you’ll be volunteering to help somebody else!

1. Keep drinks away from technology.

Have one table for cell phones, maybe near the TV, and keep your drinks on another table. Put your tablet down on the couch, not onto the table with your drink. “You gotta keep ‘em separated!”

2. Never have a rug.

Rugs are spilled drink magnets! Spilled drinks are “like a spreading disease” anyway, but on carpets, the liquid will probably stain. So ditch the rugs and drink drinks in rooms with no carpets.

3. Don’t get a back injury when you hear it tip.

“By the time you hear [it tip], it’s already too late.” People get so aghast when they hear a drink tip and the subsequent hollers! But come on. It’s bound to happen. Just accept it and mellow out for half a second before you do the next step.

4. Untip the drink back into its upright position.

Depending on certain factors, a drink bottle can be tipped right-side up, and some of the drink can be salvaged from needing to be cleaned up. Unless you want to pour out the rest of the drink to the drink gods.

5. Bring a roll of paper towels over to the spill and also bring a plastic bag.

There’s no sense in running back and forth with one paper towel at a time and then running back and forth to the trash can with one paper towel at a time. There’s also no sense in yanking out half a roll of paper towels at once and running to the scene. Some of us have lived through the Great Depression. The plastic bag is to catch the drippings on the way back to the garbage can.

6. Put paper towels on the spill one by one until soaked.

Watch as everybody is fascinated by the seeming litmus test effect of the paper towels soaking up the stain so slowly. It’s like it’s chemistry lab.

7. Put the paper towels into the plastic bag.

Did you remember to have your plastic bag handy? Give the paper towel mound a little final sexy spill wipe and place them all at once into the plastic bag. Impress everybody as the plastic bag is brought over the trash, without the paper towels dripping on the floor. Hold the bag on the way like a cute purse.

8. Put a little dish soap and a little water onto a paper towel and wipe the surface clean of stickiness.

Unless you spilled water, the floor will probably be sticky. You don’t want the sticky getting everywhere! Dish soap will clean the sticky and leave the floor nice and smooth. If you only wet a little portion of the paper towel, the rest of it can be used for a final dry.

9. “Hey, come out and play!”

Now you’re all set! And it was super chill.