The Cutest Relationship Traditions That Couples Started As A Team

The Cutest Relationship Traditions Couples Have Started As A Team

When you find your person, you’re going to create new traditions with them. After all, they’re your family now. They’re the one you’re going to spend almost every day alongside. Here are some of the cutest stories from couples who have made their own traditions:

“Our first Christmas living together we went out and got a tree, lights, ornaments and all that good stuff. We get the tree all decorated and that’s when we realized we didn’t get a star or angel to put on top. I grab one of my hats and put it on top. We do this every year now. It’s been a different hat every year for six years.” — I_smell_crickets1107

“When I was pregnant with our first child, my husband was organizing baby clothes and it was after midnight. It was quiet and we were excitedly anticipating the birth of our first child. He kissed me and I said, ‘I love this time with you!’…meaning the quiet ‘us’ time that would soon be a rarity. He smirked and cocked his head and said, ‘What? 12:53?! So do I!!’ Ever since that night when either of us notice that the clock has turned to 12:53, we say, ‘Happy 12:53!’ And then we make out for a few minutes. If we are not together, we text it to each other. After 24 years together it has now become a thrill to try and be the first one to say it.” — SweetieMcCutiePie

“When my wife and I got married, we asked everyone to write notes to us and put them in envelopes numbered by table. Our tradition is to open one of those envelopes each year on our anniversary based on the table number. This year was our 7th anniversary, so we opened envelope 7. It’s something we look forward to each year. We don’t remember who sat where, except for table 14 because those friends wrote all over the front. Sometimes people made a prediction of the future, sometimes it’s about what’s happening at the wedding, sometimes it is disappointing and bland. Either way, it’s our fun thing that I recommend to everyone who is getting married.” — ToeKneePA

“Every time we go to Vegas, we get married again. It started on our honeymoon, just because we had been upgraded to a convertible rental car and spotted a drive-through chapel. We have now done it 9 times with various themes.” — Nolamom1222

“For Valentine’s Day we’d put on our winter gear, go out in the back yard and lay in the snow, and share a bottle of champagne. I think we even managed to do it one year when the temperature hit -40. Added bonus: occasional northern light shows.” — Eff-Bee-Exx

“When my husband and I started dating we were both flat broke. I forget what it was but we had some small victory and decided to celebrate. We grabbed a bottle of Boone’s Farm wine. Now whenever we have something to celebrate, new job, a pay raise, we grab a bottle and have a private party. It helps us remember how far we’ve come.” — jpisar9732

“My wife and I started taking a picture every year on our anniversary. We started this tradition when we were dating/engaged. Each year we take a picture holding last year’s picture. “ — Lahtnesor

“Every Christmas we gift each other the most god awful ugly Christmas ornament we can find. We’ve been doing it for about 3 years and our tree just gets crazier every year.” — photogwithatinydog

“Every Valentine’s Day we buy a new Lego set, stay in, and build our Legos while eating really good homemade pasta.” — erynosaurus

“We keep a custom Google map with every place we’ve had sex on it. It’s like those maps with pins in it for countries you’ve visited, but for sex.” — [deleted]