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The Gentle Reminder Every Sagittarius Needs Right Now

You are someone who has built a successful career for yourself, and that is something you should be proud of. I know how incredibly hard the work can be. I also know how much of yourself you put into it, which can be exhausting. I know there are days that bring you to your knees and times when you do consider walking away and quitting. On those days that are most difficult, when you don’t have much left to give, when you just need that break, take it. You are only human and doing your best is enough. I know you think if you stop or slow down or don’t give 100% all the time, you consider it failing, but true failure is in moments you fail yourself by not taking what you need. Give yourself grace and empathy. The truth is the work will get done, you’ll hit your goals and meet deadlines and your whole life is going to be a great one. But you have to remember to enjoy your life and not just work your life away. 

In relationships, something so beautiful about you is your heart and the way you love. You’re loyal and aren’t the kind of person who likes multiple relationships, but you thrive in a single relationship, giving all your heart to your partner. Because you are so in touch with how you feel and trust it fully, some people may judge how quickly you move into relationships or that you aren’t as cautious as they think you should be. I think it’s really brave to follow your heart the way you do. I think it’s really brave to love with the kinds of depths people have never experienced. I think it’s really brave that you don’t look back at past experiences as something to dwell on but rather as something to learn from. You are the kind of partner people would be lucky to call theirs. My only hope is you look at your own reflection with the admiration it deserves. My only hope is you learn to love yourself with that same intensity you love others. My only hope is you learn to bask in love’s moments as they are happening without thinking too much about what is next. If you haven’t found it yet, the love you deserve will be even more beautiful than the career and life you’ve built for yourself. If you have found it, it’s your loyalty, your tenacity, and the effort you put into all things and people that will make the relationship last. 

Within friendships and family, you are the friend everyone wants but doesn’t deserve. Be wary of people who see your good and try to take advantage of it. Because not everyone has your pure and good intentions. Just as you expect the most out of your life and your career, that is what you hope for within your friends. You are the first they will tell dreams to and the one that believes it can come true, you are the first they confide in when it comes to conflicts in their life, and you just listen knowing not everything always needs a solution. A challenge you’ll continue to face within your friendships is not everyone gives the way you do so freely. Not everyone has intentions of wanting what is best for others the way you too. There are probably people close to you who aren’t your biggest fans and secretly want you to fail. Don’t. Jealousy is an ugly emotion that comes from people who are unhappy, unsatisfied, and resentful that they might have failed themselves. 

Despite the challenges you’ll face, stick with your career if it makes you happy. Keep relationships that enhance your life and surround yourself with the kinds of people who actually deserve to be there. And when it comes to love, find someone who will love the parts of yourself you are still learning to.