The Happiest Women Are The Ones Who Don't Hesitate

The Happiest Women Are The Ones Who Don’t Hesitate

The happiest women are the ones who don’t hesitate to chase after what they want because they have faith in themselves. They are confident they can achieve any goal they set. They know they might not get it right every time, but even when they fail or make a mistake, they trust that they will be able to bounce back from it. They have been through hell before and have made it through, so they know they have the skillset to do it again. There might be people around them doubting them, but they aren’t going to let their own doubts overwhelm them. They are going to push past whatever fears they have in order to pursue their wildest dreams because they know they deserve all the success and happiness in the world.

The happiest women never hesitate to state what they want. They aren’t going to be shy about expressing their thoughts and opinions, and they aren’t going to hold back on saying what needs to be said, because they know it’s not greedy of them to demand more from their partners. They are going to be clear about their expectations from the start so that they are on the same page as anyone who is interested in dating them. They aren’t going to accept the bare minimum and they want the world to know it. Settling isn’t part of their vocabulary. They aren’t going to shrink themselves to make others more comfortable, or so they can say they’re in a relationship. They would rather be single than stuck with someone who fails to see their full worth.

The happiest women never hesitate to admit when something is wrong. They aren’t going to pretend to be fine because they know there’s no shame in expressing their emotions. They see vulnerability as a strength, not a weakness. When there’s a problem, they will confront it head-on instead of letting it snowball in the background. You can always count on them to tell you the truth because they would rather let you know what’s bothering them than make you guess what’s wrong or actively hide it from you. They respect their loved ones too much to lie to them. They are as authentic as possible, as often as possible.

The happiest women never hesitate to do nice things for themselves. They make a point to practice self-care because they understand that they should be directing as much love and kindness to themselves as they are always giving to others. These women will treat themselves. They will congratulate themselves. They will be proud of their own accomplishments instead of minimizing them to appear humble. They know how impressive they are because they know how far they’ve come. They know how hard they’ve worked to get here.

The happiest women never hesitate to follow their dreams because they believe they deserve the world. They believe they can accomplish anything because they are powerful, dedicated, and strong. They are worthy of their wildest dreams, and they won’t let anyone tell them otherwise.