The Happiest Women Won't Give Out Third Chances
Allegra Messina

The Happiest Women Don’t Give Out Third Chances

The happiest women aren’t going to put up with disrespect. The aren’t going to sit around waiting for you to change. If you prove that you cannot be trusted, then they are going to show you the door. They don’t feel the need to keep people in their life who bring them down, no matter how much they might care for them. They are always going to prioritize themselves. They are going to put their happiness above your comfort. They are going to do what needs to be done, and they aren’t going to feel bad about it.

The happiest women won’t give out third chances because they already gave you plenty of opportunities to get it right. They understand that everyone makes mistakes. They aren’t going to hold one error against you. But when those errors become a pattern, they are through. They aren’t going to teach you how to treat them properly. They aren’t going to give you the benefit of the doubt when you have already shown them you are willing to hurt them. They will give you one freebie, but after that, all bets are off. They aren’t going to forgive and forget when you clearly don’t respect them enough to treat them right.

The happiest women love themselves too much to waste time with the wrong people. They enjoy their own company, so they don’t feel the need to be surrounded by others all the time. They are comfortable with solitude. They are perfectly fine entertaining themselves and taking care of themselves for a while. They strongly believe it’s better to be on your own than to be stuck in a relationship that isn’t fulfilling you in any way. They don’t need a partner to be happy. The fact that they are willing to walk away from people who aren’t a great fit is actually the reason why they are so happy. They won’t settle for less than they deserve. They won’t shrink themselves to make a relationship work. Either you treat them right, or you become a part of their past.

The happiest women aren’t going to feel guilty about cutting you out of their life. They aren’t going to feel obligated to keep you around, just because of your history. They know they are allowed to walk away at any time. They know they owe you absolutely nothing. They aren’t going to be guilt tripped or peer pressured into remaining in a relationship that is causing them pain. They aren’t going to let you get away with murder, just because they have strong feelings for you. They are able to push those feelings aside to look at the situation logically, to determine whether you are really enhancing their life or only harming it.

The happiest women won’t put up with your BS. They have boundaries that they reinforce. They have standards that they aren’t going to lower for anyone. They know their worth, and if you want them in your life, then you better know it too.