The Honest Truth About What Makes A Man Hot

The Honest Truth About What Makes A Man Hot

Everyone finds different qualities attractive. However, some traits are universally admired. Here is the honest truth about what makes a man hot, according to women on Ask Reddit:

“Initiative! When we’re talking and getting to know one another, then they plan a date and make a reservation! It makes me feel appreciated and shows their interest. I hate ambiguity.” — Jaded-Kitty87

“When he is passionate about something and feels no shame in it. (Especially the more nerdy things). I can listen to someone for hours, hearing him talk about a book or a game, even if I know nothing about it. The eye-sparkle and excitement in explaining it to me is very hot.” — authenticworm

“My husband is a data engineer, and I’ve only experienced this with him – he can type quickly and accurately, it’s one of the hottest things I’ve seen a man do. It’s difficult when we both work from home and I can hear him typing away. Very hot.” — ilovecaffeinatedtea

“Big intimidating men who have a soft spot for their minuscule useless animal. As a childfree woman this is the one singular thing that makes me go, ‘Monkey brain says make family with big strong mate’ like it’s the closest I will EVER get to having maternal drive.” — Penny-Bun

“The kind of confidence that makes it clear he’s completely comfortable in his skin. That he doesn’t have anything to prove by challenging or putting other people down. Enough confidence that he can be silly sometimes without shame. That plus a sharp wit that makes me laugh? Be still my heart!” — Symnestra

“The normal things – making me laugh, being kind to animals/children, kind/caring eyes. The things I didn’t expect until I got older – back of a man’s hands, the way he stands when idle, when they talk about something that excites them and they can make that thing interesting.” — just_a_dfw_mom

“I get nervous and shy around guys as well so when he can reel me into the conversation without me feeling anxiety, it sparks a nice relaxing interest.” — Fantastic-Airline-87

“Humor is often an attractive trait in a potential partner. Being able to make others laugh, possess a sharp wit, and be able to poke fun at yourself can all be attractive qualities. Kindness: Kindness is one of the most important traits to look for in a partner.” — gfdgfgh

“When they are able to express themselves and have a genuine conversation. Not someone who just listens to respond, but listens to understand.” — What-Even-Is-Thiss

“Honestly? Common sense, in all situations. I was on a date with someone once and we were fooling around in a park at night and I wanted to slow down but felt guilty about saying so, kinda beating around the bush… He noticed and immediately switched from his horny voice back to his no-nonsense-voice saying ‘listen I don’t expect you to have sex under a tree in the middle of the night, we can just leave.’ And it didn’t work out in the end but that’s still the hottest thing any man has ever said to me.” — O0-0-OO-OOO

“For me personally, it’s long hair. I recently was confronted with it when a mutual friend of ours grew his hair out and I felt the little gremlin part of my brain telling me he was hot. Then was promptly disappointed with myself for realizing how shallow that made me. I know I have a type, but Jesus, I didn’t know it was that strong.” — DarkBlueDovah

“Intellect. Few things are as attractive as a man who actively pursues knowledge and reasons with the world in an objective and thought-out manner. By objective I don’t mean void of a subjective opinion (passion is attractive, after all), but if he’s able to separate himself from his subjectivity when he looks at the world, without simultaneously separating himself from his empathy, he’ll make my brain go brrrr.” — TheLiveroni