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The Kind Of Friend You Are, Based On Your Birth Month


You are the ‘parent’ friend. You’re the friend who takes care of your irresponsible friends and you’re always the designated driver. Your wisdom and sense of responsibility make your friends feel safe around you and rely on you when they’re acting irrationally. You always make sound decisions for them and pick up their mess one way or another and you’re definitely their mother’s favorite friend.


You are the ‘act now, think later’ friend. Your impulsive nature and your fun side make you the friend who says yes to bad decisions or taking uncalculated risks. You’re definitely the one who would encourage your friend to text their ex and you will probably tag along if your friend decides to surprise their partner somewhere across the world. You believe that life is too short and people should do what they feel like doing and deal with the consequences later.


You are the ‘homebody.’ You love your friends dearly but you also love your couch, your bed, and your TV even more. You are definitely the friend who misses important occasions and events because you were too lazy to get out of bed or too tired to get off the couch. Your friends are always complaining that they don’t see you enough and that you’re always home but this is who you are and you don’t even apologize for it.


You are the ‘leader’ friend. You’re the one who is always calling the shots, deciding where to go, reserving the tables, and making all the weekend plans. Without you, your friends won’t know where to go or what to do because they count on you to get things done and take care of things. You’re also the friend who plans all the trips and books all the flights and the hotels because you’re the best planner and the best host.


You are the ‘stable’ friend. You’re like the glue that holds the group together. You are a good friend to all and you show up for all your friends when they need it most. You’re also the peacemaker when it comes to any fights or disagreements within the group because everyone respects you and they listen to you when you tell them what’s the right thing to do. Everyone loves you and respects you and they know they can count on you when they are faced with a problem or a challenge.


You are the ‘fun’ friend. You’re the one on top of every birthday, wedding, and party list because you’re always fun to be around and you love having a good time. You enjoy all kinds of parties, music, and people and your friends know that you will mingle with anyone and blend in any environment or anywhere they take you. You’re the person that everyone wants to be friends with because you radiate so much positive energy and people genuinely enjoy your presence and your company.


You are the ‘therapist’ friend. You’re the one your friends go to talk about their family issues, their problems with their partner or just how much they miss their ex. They know that you never judge and you listen very well. You put yourself in their shoes and try to help them as much as you can. They also know that you’re a great secret keeper so they trust you with things they never tell anyone else.


You are the ‘mischievous’ friend. In other words, the evil friend, the one who is always pushing people to get themselves in trouble one way or another. You’re the person who will tell your friends to crash their ex’s wedding or get even with their mean coworker by deleting their important files from their laptop. You’re also always pulling pranks on your friends and using their weaknesses against them, but because you do it in a light-hearted way, your friends find it entertaining rather than annoying.


You are the ‘wise’ friend. You’re the one who is always playing it safe and telling your friends not to do something that could potentially hurt them. You take your time before making any decision and you push your friends to do the same so they don’t end up doing something they might regret. You are always the one they go to for advice before they do anything crazy or impulsive because they know that you will rationalize the situation and help them do the right thing.


You are the ‘no strings attached’ friend. You are always out and about, meeting new people, making new friends so your close friends know that you will never be fully available to them. They stopped expecting you to stay at their parties till the end or come over to their house because they know that you have a long list of other events lined up for you. Your friends know that your time is divided between them and others but they still love you anyway.


You are the ‘fancy’ friend. You’re the posh one in the group—you prefer fine dining over clubbing and drinking the most expensive wine on the list. You love to indulge in the finer things in life and you are always the one with the latest and most expensive watch, shoes, or car. Your friends love to show you off because you are always so put together and you make a great first impression. They also always trust your recommendations on fashion, food, drinks, and furniture.


You are the ‘travel buddy,’ always up for a new adventure whether it’s skiing, hiking, diving, or just traveling to a new city. You will always figure out a way to take time off work and travel. Your friends love traveling with you because you’re easygoing, fun, and always curious to try new things and go to new places. You are also a free spirit and you love giving your friends the freedom to do whatever they want on the trip while you go do your own thing and explore on your own so they feel at ease with you.