The Reason Why You’re Misunderstood (Based On Your Birth Month)


While you’re a great natural leader, you’d like it if someone offered to take the lead sometimes. It’s not that you’ll necessarily want to relinquish control, but the lack of offers for help can make you feel like you’re the only one who cares–and that’s no good.


While you’re a caring partner and friend, there is a limit to what you’ll put up with. Sometimes it feels like people assume they can do or say anything and you’ll stay with them. But, just like anyone else, you have a definite breaking point.


Just because you keep your feelings to yourself doesn’t mean you don’t have any feelings at all. You’re not always sharing how you feel, so friends and family might assume you have no opinion at all. Worse still, they might think you’re cold. You’re not–you’re just careful.


Just because you act quickly and make decisions easily doesn’t mean that you’re reckless. While others hem and haw, you’re there to steer everyone to a decision. Indecisive people will assume that you’re not actually thinking before you act, but that’s not true. You’re just great at thinking on your feet.


While you’re good at making friends easily, that doesn’t mean you don’t care for your best friends any less. Ultimately, you’ll do anything for only a select few. If someone ends up in your inner circle, they’re set for life. Everyone else are just a bonus.


While you’re great at reading the room, that doesn’t mean you’re judging everyone. Your empathy skills are through the roof, and even the tiniest mood shift won’t go unnoticed. The problem comes when people think you’re judging them by addressing the energy. You aren’t nearly as judgmental as they think.


Just because you’re sensitive, that doesn’t mean people should tiptoe around you. The idea that people might be avoiding saying things to you to spare your feelings makes you uncomfy. Even if you have an emotional reaction, there’s nothing wrong with feeling something, right?


You’re an incredibly loyal person, but that doesn’t mean you’ll say yes to anything. People like to ask for favors for everything from helping move during a blizzard to lending them hundreds of dollars they never intend to pay back. You aren’t the easy mark people might think you are.


While you might say something isn’t a big deal or that you’re going with the flow, you’re actively overanalyzing every little thing. You try to hide that anxiety and self-censorship, but your true inner circle knows that you’re actually second-guessing every text and interaction.


Although you’re pretty lucky, that doesn’t mean you don’t work hard. Sure, it looks like good things just happen for you, but you’re doing your part by working hard and making it happen. Things aren’t as easy as they seem.


Just because you’re calm and smiling doesn’t mean you’re not seething on the inside. While you feel most other emotions freely and with abandon, that’s not the case when you’re mad. You keep your anger held tight and out of the public eye, which may not be the best for you, but it’s who you are.


Just because you don’t like to follow rules and regulations doesn’t mean you are unreliable. While you find authority stifling, you’re still a responsible person and are great and getting stuff done. Anyone who thinks you’re a delinquent is sorely mistaken.