The Truth About Moving On

it will be different. two weeks from now, i’ll be trying to get used to it.

maybe that’s what i don’t like. the moving on. not so much the you being gone but the normality that will eventually be. i don’t like the idea of life never being this way again.

i like this. i like the way things are. the way we are now. the way things have been.

where’s the pause button? the night went by so fast, and the sun is going to start to rise again soon. the moon and the stars will fade into the day’s light.

i feel so helpless. it’s such a helpless feeling knowing you can’t slow time.

but then…

it is beautiful, though. the sun, that is. It’s kind of beautiful how they take turns. the moon and the sun. both come and go, leaving behind their memories while promising to come back tomorrow.

it’s hard to watch the sun set. but it’s beautiful to watch the stars come out.

i think change is a lot like that. it’s hard. and it kind of hurts a little. but i can’t help admiring the beauty of it.

everything in this life screams change. that’s how we grow.

so i’m not sad. i’m not sad about you leaving.

the world is spinning. the sun is rising. it soon will set. and i don’t want to miss it.

we truly are blessed. we are blessed to be here. let’s not waste it.

i want every minute to be better than the last. i want to smile more than i don’t. i want my legs to be sore and my eyes to be heavy at the end of the day. i want to embrace now. it’s all I have.

that’s something i love about you. you know that very well. you live.