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The Type Of Husband He’ll Be, Based On His Birth Order

Here’s the type of husband he’ll be, based on his birth order.

Only Child

Only children are notorious for not knowing how to share. A husband who was an only child will likely have a rough time compromising and will assume he gets whatever he wants whenever he wants it. Then again, he could have been the type of only child who always wished he had siblings. If that’s the case, he might have been preparing to share his space with someone for years, making him a generous husband. It all comes down to how his parents spoiled him.

Oldest Child

Oldest children are often tasked with taking care of the younger ones when the parents are busy or out of the house, making them much more compassionate than you might expect. A husband who was the oldest child will take care of you when you’re sick and go on a snack run when you’re feeling down. But because he had to grow up so fast, he likely won’t want a partner that has to be babied 24/7. Although he’s compassionate, he’ll gravitate toward a spouse who is independent so he doesn’t have to relive the parent role of his childhood.

Middle Child

Middle children had to accept occasionally getting ignore in favor of the oldest and youngest kids in the family. As a husband, a middle kid will gravitate toward partners who give them attention and care. He wants to feel like an important part of the relationship. And because he’s been left ignored, he’s also more likely to make you feel special, too. He never wants someone he cares about to feel like a second thought.

Youngest Child

The youngest kid was the baby of the family and got spoiled because of it–at least in the eyes of the older kids. He didn’t have as many rules, which means a husband who was the youngest child will have a hard time handling rules, too. He’ll want his relationship to be carefree and easygoing with lots of independence. If it’s not, he’ll likely grow to resent the marriage. But if he finds a carefree and easygoing spouse, he’s the most loyal husband you’ll find.


Twins and multiples were always considered as part of a group and were rarely treated as an individual. As a husband, a twin will gravitate toward partners who make him feel special and complete all on his own. Although he’ll want to feel separate–especially from his siblings–he’s also well-versed in being a partner. Husbands who were part of a set of multiples will be good at being a duo and tackling things together rather than apart. Just make sure he also feels like a person separate from you as well.